Existential Little Interviews, Vol. 23: Jimmy V

What is time? What is Macaroni Time?

Time to me is duration, definition is just past, present, future in one term the indefinite continued progress of existence,
which is also super relative to your perception but all in all time is today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Macaroni time is cheese and shells man when its macaroni time u got ur mac-10 and your money you feel me?

Many Existentialist define existence as being-in-the-world or being-with-others. What do you think is the role of community, in relation to the development of one’s self?

The role of the community in my head “should” be the advancement of the individual so that we can all come together as a “unit”. Right now it seems like in the world we live in -it’s everyone for himself, but i think once we move away from material things the value of the community will rise

Is your existence as compared to your nonexistence something which can be justified?

Both are pretty justified, i mean in perspective my existence to me is very important, but to Obama I’m pretty nonexistent. The idea of me personally is bigger than the actual “me”, thanks SoundCloud.

Are you afraid that everything will happen?

If there was a point that everything that could ever happen would I’d be kinda scared because I never wanna get caught lackin’ at Walmart in sleepwear.

Like Sartre, do you consider contemplation a luxury?

I love Jean Sartre for real, contemplation is a luxury, most people don’t even experience cognitive dissonance because they are soo set in their ways that there is no alternate options for most choices.

Do you think trends are accelerating more quickly now than ever? Do you think the acceleration will ever stop, can it contain itself, or will the whole system collapse?

I don’t think trends are accelerating but if they are it’s on a very selective scale, we are judy exposed to it more, so it kinda accelerates it in what you see, but in reality it’s always accelerating because people always want something new but its all about the content creators not the content itself.

Throwback Thursdays – Guns Are Drawn

Music can send you down a trip on memory lane, it’ll make you remember a loved one or a fun time in your life or maybe even that one night with that special someone… you know what i’m talking about. We at 1833 are no different and want to celebrate the past with our weekly segment THROWBACK THURSDAY’S; check below to see what era our contributors are stuck in this week and come back every thursday to find out what songs you forgot you missed.


Earl has been to reform school and renounced his rape lyrics since this songs creation, Tyler’s in a whole other world with his music now, a lot has changed with OF since this song came out, so heres to evolving but always remembering where you started from.
“Shit i’ll pass class when my dad starts giving shits, but as long as our relationship is turd-less imma keep burning rubber and fucking these beats with burnt dick”.


The Duke. This is a deep jazz cut I only know about because of the fiction writer Haruki Murakami (yeah I’m literary). Anyway, we all know pain.


In regards to the situation in Baltimore and police brutality as a whole: The Roots and Black Thought have always donated incredible examinations of political issues to the musical world and “Guns Are Drawn” is too good of an example of this not to bring it up today. This fight will not be won quickly, and it is up to us to withstand the fight until we see the change we desire.

“That’s why we can’t shake it or escape the problem
Its like a game of roulette the barrel revolving
They only wanna see us occupying a coffin
Mothers crying too often from they lost child leaving
From trying to get over, get under, get even
Get inside getting, getting dumped, getting greedy
We got to get it right
It ain’t about to be easy”


“My first song was like 48 bars with no hook.”
Taking it back this week with some Nappy Roots. This was a great summer banger from my childhood, it’s reminiscent of the days before I had any responsibility and summer meant biking around the hood and no school and no real responsibility whatsoever. I know I’ll never have anymore summers like that, but I’m posting this because it is inevitable that this spring will eventually lead to summer and I’ll do my best to recreate those good times…

Mama Sims:

My friend Arnez is in a bit of a jam, I think it brightened his day to make my TBT pick. Arnez chose “Leather So Soft,” a classic from the Like Father, Like Son album that dropped on Halloween of 2006. Lil Wayne, Birdman and Cash Money are no strangers to struggle, “Leather So Soft” takes us back to simpler times for squad all the way around. #FreeNez

“I get money hoe fuck what you talkin’ ’bout
Straight out the slaughterhouse straight out the dragon’s mouth
Fire you can’t put out tires are standin’ out
The coupe look pigeon-toed I be in a different mode”

Towkio – .Wav Theory [Review]

Preston San, Tokyo Shawn, and now Towkio has gone through a lot to get to the release of his highly anticipated project, .Wav Theory. The first time I heard of Towkio, it was on his wacky remix of Soulja Boy’s “Xan With That Lean” that has become somewhat of an underground anthem in Chicago since its release. Since then, he’s released a project with Chicago production duo A Billion Young a little over a year ago with a few memorable songs (as well as the collaborative project with Mojek that “Xan With That Lean Pt. II” was on entitled Community Service).However, everything up until now has seemed like mere experiments to get to where he is now.

.Wav Theory is Towkio’s first full length release and feels like his masterpiece. Through the previous persona’s and projects, it is clear Towkio has been slowly but surely putting together the pieces to create his sound. It makes sense now that we’ve been waiting on .Wav Theory for what feels like 3-4 years. Ultimately, this Savemoney coming out party is rooted in actual good music. .Wav Theory is a carefully orchestrated first release that shows Towkio can do a little bit of everything. Highly electronic with tastes of the Social Experiment type of soulful funkiness, Towkio has created a truly happy project filled with different types of songs that create and are about joy (and some that are purely boastful). It’s wavy, too (some pun intended). Towkio’s voice is so refined (thanks to amazing mixing and mastering) that it sells the image of him talking a girl up in these lyrics phenomenally.

The party element of the album is really its focus. I’ve always recognized Towkio as a party kingpin in Chicago, being if the party is lit, Towkio is in attendance. The kid seems to be everywhere, which is why I think his musical career is finally ready to lift off. For years, Towkio has been in and around the scene, right next to his fellow Savemoney brothers Chance, Vic, and even Leather Corduroys as they climbed the latter of rap clout. Now, its Towkio’s turn to capture his fair-share of the rap scene in Chicago. Even with the pending release of Surf as well as new Vic Mensa, .Wav Theory is something I will continue to play, may it be in my headphones or at the next house party I have.

With Vic Mensa signing to Roc Nation and Chance still growing by the minute, it’s evident with .Wav Theory that the Savemony takeover is still in full force. Great production and clever chorus’ hold this project together while we get to watch Towkio bounce from one idea to the next. Not every single song lands like “Free Your Mind” or “Heaven Only Knows”, but every track has a cohesive direction it’s trying to go in.  I’ve always been interested to see where Towkio was headed and this only feels like a first chapter in a long story.

Nick Catchdubs – Smoke Machine

“Smoke Machine is an album I’ve been working on in bits and pieces for the last year or two. It didn’t start with a mission statement, or a grand thematic concept. But in the process of making music for other artists and helping with their projects, there would always be tracks we made that never quite fit. In a weird way, those oddballs were the songs that felt the most like “me,” and the sound of Smoke Machine started to take shape. A musical island of misfit toys. Cut-n-paste collab club music that wasn’t going to make sense anywhere else.” – Nick Catchdubs

Nick Catchdubs is called “Mr. Do It All” by XXl. He co-founded Fool’s Gold with A-Trak and is a world-renowned DJ who has performed everywhere including sets at Lollapalooza and Electric Daisy Carnival to GQ’s invite-only Super Bowl bash. Catchdubs’ latest creation is his debut album Smoke Machine which shines light on his extraordinary skill as a producer. The album features a variety of artists including Chicago’s Show You Suck, Troy Ave, Iamsu!, B.I.C., Heems and more. The cover art is by Niv Bavarsky. Stream above and then cop on iTunes. For more insight into the man that the Chicago Reader calls “tastemaking royalty who can break an act singlehandedly” read Closed Sessions co-founder Alexander Fruchter’s excellent interview with Catchdini.

SPF420 goes to Portland & does a livestream

So, I’ve watched Portlandia like 5 times.  I dunno, something about putting birds on handbags makes it more eccentric.  There’s some funny concepts like getting to know the meat that you are eating, or something.  It’s a cool show.  So we hear about Portland being like, some “crazy world” unlike any other so SPF420 is taking a little trip over there to see what’s going on.  We heard it’s like the “Amsterdam” of the United States, so we decided to bring our friends/family, my son tDoyle, my brother, CHAZZZY, my mysterious friends who are coming from Sweden, LIL SAD, theres this really awesome guy named BLANK BODY playing too.  Also, Portland homies MAGIC FADES for their fourth time in the 420, and Blank Banshee, a family member I’ve been bugging to get on our stage for like, 2 years.  Come out and watch the show, LIVE, at 4:00PM PST (7:00PM EST) on WWW.SPF420.COM


Flyer made by Whtebkgrnd, who is SPF420.com‘s web developer, amazing designer, and also my Dad.  Read this super intimate interview I did with Whtebkgrnd for 1833 here: http://1833.fm/interview-whtebkgrnd-2/

Wyldest – Danish Longball

If you took Of Monsters and Men, Chvrches and maybe Washed Out and combined them into one, you’d probably get something like Wyldest.  The trio, which hails from North London, dropped “Danish Longball” earlier this week via Pigeons and Planes, and I can’t seem to shake it from my Soundcloud.  No word on any future projects or releases yet, but if 2014 was any indication, the time is right for indie synth-pop.  Cheers.

Skepta – Shutdown

It’s been a long time since i’ve listened to something labeled as “grime”, let alone actually liked the track; now, I have nothing against grime as a sub genre at all, quite the contrary, sub genres are dope, fuck centralized ideas of what genre is. Skepta is a seasoned MC of the Uk’s famous Hip Hop and Grime scene, he’s over thirty years of age and is recognized as a Grime pioneer. He wrote and co-produced his newest single “Shutdown” which is blowing up lately with almost three hundred and fifty thousand views in a couple of days, thanks to cosigns from taste making blogs such as Noisey (ANDDD 1833) and from Drake & Yeezy. Skepta can be seen in the video posted with what can be assumed is his squad, his flow is nice and he’s got punchlines left and right, he is technically proficient while maintaining a clear message that he gives no fucks about establishment and the clowns within it.

Rich Jones Feat. ADad – Lies, Lies, Lies (Prod. by Montana Macks)

There’s been a lot of talk over the last few years here locally of a sort of ‘hip-hop renaissance’ that has taken place in Chicago. As one act after the next finds success on a national scale, it’s hard to argue that sentiment. From Chief Keef to Chance The Rapper to Vic Mensa, the acts that have come from here have paced the scene on both a national and international scale. But a scene isn’t made by only those at the top. To be a true scene, many aspects have to exist, many players have to take part, and in Chicago that is as true as it’s ever been. While everyone may be attracted to the story of a 20-year-old who tours the world on the strength of a free album release, stories abound locally and one in particular worth telling is that of underground veteran Rich Jones who is currently preparing for his Pigeons and Waffles release for which we are premiering the lead single, “Lies, Lies, Lies” ft. ADad with production by Montana Macks.

“Long story short, at some point I figured I’d try my hand at it and have spent well over a decade now cutting records and having fun,” Jones said. “On my best day I’m a font of knowledge for aspiring artists, a vocal advocate for the creative peoples and endeavors I support, and most importantly a bridge between people and places that aren’t familiar with one another but should be.”

No one plays more shows than Rich Jones. At 27, he has seemingly seen and done it all. A native Chicagoan, he began rapping at a young age and found his passion for the art form almost immediately. A typical day sees Jones crisscrossing the city from his side job hustling sausages on a food truck to studio sessions and shows all over town. A typical month sees him play on average five to six sets, give or take. A member of the Second City Citizens trio, Jones hosts a monthly show at Tonic Room and underlines that with additional sets opening for friends or headlining local venues.

Pigeons & Waffles represents a renewed vigor from Jones, who is coming off a spirited and well-received release, LoveJones with producer Krush Love and, as he says it “there’s plenty in the tank.”

Pigeons & Waffles has existed as a playlist in my iTunes since 2011,” said Jones. “Due to other projects and life shit, I was having trouble seeing how I could finish it in a way that would satisfy both Montana Macks and I. As fate would have it, I took a long hard look at what music I had in the archives at the beginning of the year and thought, ‘Fuck, I really like these songs. This needs to get done’ If not now when ya know?”

The lead single, “Lies, Lies, Lies” featuring ADad is a welcome entry point to the project as a whole. The smooth, understated tones sit well with the creeping warmth of Spring and Jones is right at home over the easy instrumentation while handling himself impressively over a variety of rhyme schemes. He also flexes here on the vocal side of things, giving a peek into future releases by handling the hook ahead of ADad’s inspired bars.

For an artist that truly embodies the hustle of Chicago from the ground up, Rich Jones is comfortable with what’s on the horizon and excited to start unloading some of the music he’s had locked up. It’s the kind of ease that comes with knowing the right moves and understanding how to make them and Pigeons & Waffles looks to be a continuance of a local act breaking through.

“I think the most frustrating thing I dealt with early on was being ambitious with what I wanted to create but lacking the ability to carry out that vision properly. I do miss the default mentality of creating something without any expectation of where it might go or lead to, something I have to remind myself to keep in mind now that I have a catalogue, done shows, etc,” said Jones. “Losing yourself in whatever you’re doing is one of the greatest possible feelings in the world. It may even test the limits of your very sanity! But if you’re doing it right, it’ll all turn out alright in the end.”

Appleby Feat. Anthony White – Bitter Boy (prod. by Illyland)

Chicagoan Appleby drops “Bitter Boy” via Pigeons and Planes who described the track as “like a Ty $ song as written by Albert Camus..” It’s the lead single from his upcoming debut, Mask & Lies. Anthony White assists masterfully with vocals over production by Illyland. Appleby’s voice & words are excellent as always, but he does deliver some harsh messages to his ex while he reflects in “Bitter Boy.”