SPF420 goes to Portland & does a livestream

So, I’ve watched Portlandia like 5 times.  I dunno, something about putting birds on handbags makes it more eccentric.  There’s some funny concepts like getting to know the meat that you are eating, or something.  It’s a cool show.  So we hear about Portland being like, some “crazy world” unlike any other so SPF420 is taking a little trip over there to see what’s going on.  We heard it’s like the “Amsterdam” of the United States, so we decided to bring our friends/family, my son tDoyle, my brother, CHAZZZY, my mysterious friends who are coming from Sweden, LIL SAD, theres this really awesome guy named BLANK BODY playing too.  Also, Portland homies MAGIC FADES for their fourth time in the 420, and Blank Banshee, a family member I’ve been bugging to get on our stage for like, 2 years.  Come out and watch the show, LIVE, at 4:00PM PST (7:00PM EST) on WWW.SPF420.COM


Flyer made by Whtebkgrnd, who is SPF420.com‘s web developer, amazing designer, and also my Dad.  Read this super intimate interview I did with Whtebkgrnd for 1833 here: http://1833.fm/interview-whtebkgrnd-2/

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Liz co-owns and produces the online music venue, SPF420.com. She also enjoys: smoking weed, going to Goodwill, and being your second set of ears.