Heart Eyes – Girly

“I started working on Girly in spring of this year. I made the first track, “Lady,” and the last track, “Closing the dragon,” on the same day and knew immediately they’d be sorta the bookends for the album. With those two tracks set, one of my next steps to fill in the gaps was to finish “Citrus,” which had been in the works for about a year, through various demos. (One version was released on the Z Tapes Spring 2018 compilation) I switched the tuning to standard and re-recorded everything and programmed some new drums. A lot of the percussion samples I used for Girly were just one shot samples of like claps and me hitting stuff which I recorded to tape and then edited and arranged to make all the beats. I spent the summer working on the songs and obsessing over them. I was walking dogs for people quite a bit during this time and I fondly remember this one day when I was walking with a yellow lab and listening to an early version of “June bug interlude (feat. Jack)” on repeat. Times like that were actually a special part of my process. Girly was finished in September and Conor Ellis mastered it.

I knew from the beginning I wanted to have the album released on cassette tapes, and deadplant records was down to do it. I’m hyped to work with them, the tapes are gonna look so sweet too. The cover photo was taken by my pal, Adrian. A bunch of us went to visit New York over the summer and that photo of me was taken in our airbnb when the sun was going down and we were all getting lit and what have you. My gf, Charlynn, helped me with the j card design by writing the tracklist and stuff on her ipad. Her handwriting is so pretty. Ashley (who did the cover art for my last EP) found the perfect picture of a frog to use for the inner j card, too. Having a frog somewhere on there was an absolute must for me.

Girly is a special project to me because it has everything I like about my music and then some. I’ve become more open to collaborating, and asking for help. It can be really fun to let your friends be part of your super personal, weird, cathartic process. I hope people like listening to it. <3″ – Heart Eyes

Z Tapes Spring 2018

deadplant records

last EP

Kai Whiston – Kai Whiston Bitch

“i spent two years making this shit because i couldn’t find it anywhere else. there’s been some fucking masochistic level work done to every fine detail so it feels real good that people are hearing it now. please let it be known that everything i touch turns to fucking gold.” – Kai Whiston


David Ashley – Strictly 4 The Heads

“A mf started the series spring 2016 and kept it going til like January 2k17. I’m just now bringing shit back because it just be feeling invigorating to hit mfs with this music as soon as I make the shit. I try to do it regularly for the Heads and release em on Fridays. Just sharing where my head is at and what’s going on out here. I feel like this series perfect for a nigga like me because all these records in the same vein of what I got coming on my new project in January, u know, like straight up Chicago shit as far as bars go but over a goddamn Colourbox sample or some shit like that. That’s fun part of the whole shit tho, finding samples that wouldn’t be go-to’s or rapping a certain way over certain sounds n shit. I feel like when I’m on that shit I’m giving mfs ME…a nigga who grew up out west and outside the city and wound up in some weird art spaces in Pilsen or some shit lol. Shouts out to Pilsen tho. Sometimes I be wondering if mfs will catch some of the references tho. That shit be fun too. Like, I got a one in pt. 16 that ties in like 3 bars with who I sampled. Lil shit like that be cool asl. That 4 The Heads shit.

Also that nigga Mr. Love Song aka Molly Wa reposted my shit on Instagram so I can pretty much die peacefully now.” – David Ashley

Noah Sims – KINETIC

“The five songs on Kinetic embody the fluidity that I strive for in my production. These were a few of my favorite songs that I’ve made over the past year, and I felt that they fit together cohesively while also showing different directions my music has taken. I want to thank Moses Chisale for spending hours with me on the artwork, and inspiring me throughout the process. I also want to thank Banks The Genius for mastering the project and bringing the music to it’s fullest potential, I’m lucky to have them both as friends and collaborators.” – Noah Sims

wasaaga. – pivot.

““pivot.” was done at a really interesting time in my life. It was amidst some major personal change, and this song felt like a breath of creative fresh air. After multiple failed attempts at trying to find what I wanted to pursue for my third LP, I really felt this was stepping into something new – this was the initial push to work towards the singles series. The thing I really like about singles is that they’re not dependent on a larger picture – they’re only relative to themselves. I really just wanted to create pieces of work that stood on their own and take the time to explore what specifically I wanted out of my third album. As I’m now working to finish the LP for 2019, it was exactly what I needed.” – wasaaga.

android genius and headband both contributed remixes to this single, and I love that they took complete opposite sonic approaches to a very similar groove. They simultaneously exist at opposite ends of the spectrum while also holding cohesion. This was one of my favorite remix pairings.

Rich Jones – Dreaming (ft. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, prod. J Kelr, Kenny Keys)

“In times like these, how do you cope? How do you not only endure but flourish, nurturing whatever magic and wonder that does still exist in the world today? I’ve found some semblance of an answer through making records and the friendships I’ve made while doing it. That is especially true for this song. Look out for my new album The Shoulder You Lean On, dropping 11/2.” – Rich Jones


How did you start making music and who inspired you?

I started making music in high school using shitty iPhone apps like alchemy studio and stuff! It wasn’t until I got my first laptop before I went off to college that I started recording songs I wrote over beats I’d find on Soundcloud! As for idols, I’d say Britney Spears had a huge impact on me when I was younger! I also really love Heidi Montag. And Robyn!!!

When did you start working with Ayesha Erotica?

Someone actually dm’d me in like late July telling me I looked like a blonde Ayesha Erotica. I was like “who is that??” and googled her and became fully obsessed with her music. Her songs blew me away, I was immediately a fan so on a whim, I dm’d her on Instagram asking if she wanted to do a song and we did!!

That is awesome, what other producers are you collaborating with right now?

For my album in November I’m collaborating with Boy Sim a bunch, Lynden Rook produced and is featuring on a track, and maybe a few more Ayesha produced tracks!

Ok so… design your ideal mall, what’s in it?

A big food court, a BEBE store, and a Juicy Couture store!! I was so upset when all the juicy stores closed down, so I would definitely need that. Also Louis Vuitton and Gucci stores… I’m in loads of credit card debt, lol!

Who would play you in the major motion picture about your life?

Tara Reid

Wow true, you should recreate that picture where she is handing like 20 dollars to a dog.


What’s your songwriting process? Every song seems to have a distinct theme. 

The process itself is pretty fast! I write fast and if a song takes to long I trash it. I pick themes for songs after listening to the beat, I’m lucky to work with such amazing producers! Usually, I just listen and a concept forms within the first minute. I always start with a title then I make liner notes in my notebook of words that fit the concept. I like making really thematic music.

How did the early club influence on your sound work its way into your music?

The club influence comes from my love for like 90’s/early 2000s euro club music — Barbie Girl by Aqua, Shoes by Kelly, This is Your Night by Amber, Cascada, etc. That’s the music I remember being most drawn to when I was younger.

What are your favorite emojis?

I hate the emotion emojis. Like the crying laughing one. It’s so weird to me lol! My favorites are 💖🍒💅🏻👻

Thank you, lastly, can you tell us 2 truths and a lie?

I’ve been arrested 3 times!
I got breast implants when I was 20!
And my legal name is Slater!

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Sayveeyun – Strength

Although none of my lyrics are ever biographical, my struggles with anxiety and identity as a half-Tibetan are always focal points in my work. “Strength” in particular was written when I was thinking about my alienation as a second generation Tibetan and the distance I have from both the Tibetan community, as well as my family in general. It’s a little indulgent, which is why I tend to write less biographically and focus on simpler word and abstract phrases that evoke the same feeling without being too much about myself. It’s the reason why I admire someone like Thom Yorke who is able to write moving lyrics without being too introspective.


While making the beat for “Strength”, I wanted to do something that coexisted between my interest in experimental electronic music, Mumdance’s concept of weightless music, punk rock guitar swells, and post rock’s emphasis on changing textures rather than large melodic switch-ups. I believe the result to be something that is still inspired by leftfield pop and bass music without taking too much from deconstructed club.” – Sayveeyun