David Ashley – Strictly 4 The Heads

“A mf started the series spring 2016 and kept it going til like January 2k17. I’m just now bringing shit back because it just be feeling invigorating to hit mfs with this music as soon as I make the shit. I try to do it regularly for the Heads and release em on Fridays. Just sharing where my head is at and what’s going on out here. I feel like this series perfect for a nigga like me because all these records in the same vein of what I got coming on my new project in January, u know, like straight up Chicago shit as far as bars go but over a goddamn Colourbox sample or some shit like that. That’s fun part of the whole shit tho, finding samples that wouldn’t be go-to’s or rapping a certain way over certain sounds n shit. I feel like when I’m on that shit I’m giving mfs ME…a nigga who grew up out west and outside the city and wound up in some weird art spaces in Pilsen or some shit lol. Shouts out to Pilsen tho. Sometimes I be wondering if mfs will catch some of the references tho. That shit be fun too. Like, I got a one in pt. 16 that ties in like 3 bars with who I sampled. Lil shit like that be cool asl. That 4 The Heads shit.

Also that nigga Mr. Love Song aka Molly Wa reposted my shit on Instagram so I can pretty much die peacefully now.” – David Ashley