VXO – Alcanzarme

The manifold sounds of Connecticut’s experimental musician VXO takes new shape following their earlier release “Why U Call Me” and Color Plus feature “Fade 2”: layered harmonizing vocals cross-stitched into peaking synth melodies and dirty breakbeat rhythms.

“Alcanzarme” is the second single from VXO’s self-titled EP on Vanity Press Records, out 10/20—vinyl preorders available at FIT Detroit. Album art by Ali Bonfils.

SEER – Gina

SEER first popped onto our radar in the days of Beach Jesus, since then he has produced some monumental tracks for the likes of BiGBODYFiJi, Jose Franco, and Chebaka. Here, we see him flexing his production skills as well as his vocal instrument, the result is intoxicating.

DRELLI – Jurassic [prod. dannytv]


Drelli makes cheerful “swagbop” rap jams that make you want to bounce around dancing. We’re extremely pumped to premiere his new track “Jurassic,” produced by dannytv, just in time for you to play it for your special someone this Valentine’s. And if you’re just playing it alone at home, it makes a perfect soundtrack for “rolling up that cat piss.” Expect 2018 to be filled with effervescent music from the young Ghana-via-Minneapolis rapper.


WRONGBOY is pushing the boundaries of rap from the trenches with their latest track. This video is raw, dark, manic, and most importantly –cathartic. It is readily apparent that WRONGBOY uses their art as a way to channel their emotions, this level of honesty leaves a powerful effect on listeners.  If you want to know more about the trench movement, you can read about it from the artist themselves in this interview from a few months back.

Kendel – Stay Lit

“This project’s all about rage, love, and having fun that’s why I’m versatile. It’s about feeling, gg my family gang my family putting on, watch out we up next shout out em all, big wet shit Linus aka Thomas the fucking genius, he’s awesome, it’s all organic -all about getting lit, getting in your comfort zone and being optimistic and being loving, but fuck all of us tbh!!!!!!⚡️⚡️” – Kendel

This is a vibrant 7-track EP packed with some bangers. “Think I’m Back” is a standout track for me, as it is an evolution of a style that Kanye West really fleshed out on 808s and Heartbreak, which has since been explored and expanded with great success by the likes of Travis $cott, Lil West, and now Kendel. The project is really loaded with party vibes, it is very lit and reckless, oozing with unbridled enthusiasm and passion.