Cardiac has been making music for about four years now. I chatted a little with him while discussing the premiere of his new track. You can peep the track above and the interview below.

How is your music-making practice now as compared to when you first started out? What progression have you seen in yourself? 

I would say I’m a lot more serious about it now than I was when i first started. So I practice and write a lot more now. As far as progress, it’s crazy to see how far a dream can go for anyone. Like I was just a kid that wanted to rap, so rapped. Now it’s cool to see people listen.

What kinda people influenced you growing up?

People that changed the world. JFK, Kanye, MLK, Bill Gates, and other people like that.

how do you want to affect change through your music?

I wanna show people I’m someone who really wants to relates to them. I wanna feel how they feel, and with my music hopefully they can feel how I feel.

Got any big projects coming out?

Yes, I’m releasing my 1st LP “1%” on April 19th. *Sunglasses Emoji*.

So the title “1%” alludes to how I felt starting this project. I had just gotten out off of five years in the Navy. Everything was new and my knowledge of civilian life was kinda low. It was like I was alienated and functioning on 1%, and as the project progressed from it’s beginning in October — I feel like I’ve been learning new things and experiencing more. Which has been rejuvinating me. I’m at about 85% right now (laughs).

Rich Jones – Deja Vu

Rich Jones is making music that transcends eras and genres. He is a seasoned MC, poignant songwriter, and a burgeoning vocalist ready to elevate his career to the next level. By offering up a mix of styles and structures he displays his adaptability and range of sonic interests. Jones is a cultural figure in Chicago known for his gregarious attitude and constant hustle. His upcoming EP VEGAS represents the culmination of years of experience and evolution that have established Rich’s position in Chicago’s musical landscape.

Kratos Himself – Nostalgic

Today’s premiere is a courtesy of Kratos Himself via Youngbloods, taken from the upcoming “Stay True” LP, his sophomore release for the Brooklyn-based label, which is set to come out almost exactly 1 year after his debut. “Nostalgic” evolves in depth over it’s length. Opening to the sounds of a crackling Rhodes, we’re quickly rewarded with a deep round bass gently driven by kicks and what I can only assume is a woodblock. The electric piano is then pushed to the background by a warm palette of arpeggiators and pads, recognizable from the producer’s other releases, while a jazz kit subtly compliment the percussive line already in place.

I think this is a very appropriate soundtrack to go through this time, when November’s lethargy makes way for happier thoughts as the end of the year approaches. That feeling of looking back and forward at the same time, remembering what is dear with high hopes for the future.

— available Friday, December 9 on limited edition Powder Blue 12″ vinyl and pay-what-you-want digital download. Pre-Order and get a download of the single “For Me” now.

Thomas White – Innerspace Remix EP

6 months after Thomas White’s second solo release on RAW Records came out, the label is offering a free bonus to their fans. The “Innerspace Remix” EP comes at that right time before real cold start settling in, as you’re going through your last days of enjoyable sweather-weather, giving you a faint taste of what last summer would feel like if it continued year-round through the holidays, skipping right over the christmas albums and jingles as it drags its tail. It’s with the help of Netherlands producer/Vine superstar Hitmane, assigned to remix the RYAN Playground collaboration “Drunk” (which has a music video on the way), and compatriot/collaborator Robert Robert, taking on the opening single “Mantra”, that the Montreal-based imprint breathes a new, almost tropical-yet-cold, feel into what were already solid tracks. The artwork, a variation of the original portraying a slightly more melancholic looking Thomas White evolving through a darkening landscape, was also created by Teodoro Zamudio (Secret Songs) and perfectly depicts the change in mood and situation from the project it’s based on.

Almadrio – More + (prod. Monte Booker)

The Monte Booker beat drew me to the track originally, I have yet to hear production work from him that didn’t bang extremely hard, in a soft jazzy way. I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Almadrio, and his well-developed flow and writing skills. It’s always a satisfying feeling to jump on a new bandwagon while their soundcloud following is still under 100. This time next month, I will be surprised if that number has not fluctuated wildly.

Nanosaur – 10 Squadd Commandments ft. @Squadda B

Everything be like connected n shit, I swear. Some day I will be a psychic and I’ll be able to see this shit coming. Yachty talkin’ bout how he couldn’t name 5 big or pac songs. I been singing Suicidal Thoughtz to myself w/o having heard the track in at least a year. Been bumpin’ Kodak’s Little Big Pac like it aint going out of style anytime soon…

Coming to you hot off Nano’s desktop, I’m pretty sure this track came together in something like 24 hours. Squadda B, aka Squadda Bambino, aka S-Q Bambeezy, I made last one up, he loves his lists. He loves to break it down for you real nice and simple. He delivers like a Murakami novel, talking all sorts of complexities in a way you can understand. He’s able to pay homage to big, while keeping that airy, space flow him and Mondre pioneered from day 1.

Damn tho, NanosauR really came through and laced up the perfect beat for this. The strings on the hook are perfect. The collaboration here seems like it was meant to be. After this, I’m convinced Nano should produce at least an EP with Main Attrakz. The lo-fi kings being so ideal for this production style.

Chapters 1 thru 5, uhhhhh, John Madden shit.

#9 “Feel whatcha feel, like whatcha feelin’ is real.”

There’s this other one, too, the latest project from Greenova South, Squadda, Pepperbox and Young God of Blue Sky Black Death teamed up on KRWU. The title track featuring Flipperacci, the freestyle king, houston’s one an only Lil Flip.

words by @jvckkennedy

A. Sarr – Sentimental <3 feat. Steph Wolf

This is probably the best She and Him cover I have ever heard. Producer A. Sarr and singer Steph Wolf have a full tribute album to Zooey Deschanel in the works. Just kidding, but according to Sarr, the duo “loved fucking up and distorting this heartbreaking song, and always found the original to be too sweet to relate to. No shots at Zooey though. 🙂 Feelings of desperation can hit us really intensely and we tried to recreate the song based along those lines.”

Flow Castle- Fragments

This song makes me want to either cry or win an epic skiing race to save a mountain town from gentrification. Either one would will equally satisfying while listening to this beautiful and emotive arrangement unfold. Follow Flow Castle on Soundcloud.