Lucki – Watch My Back

After what feels like years of waiting Lucki finally blesses his fans with his long awaited tape Watch My Back. Lucki decided that he didnt need any features on this 18 track mixtape, with production from many top producers in the game right now. Production from the likes of Plu20 Nash, Gnealz, F1LTHY and Ugly Friend. The tape also features many of the singles and videos that Lucki dropped before the tape such as Komfortable, Fuck Everybody, No Wok and OptionsListen to the newest offering from Lucki above and keep a look out for another Lucki tape coming soon.

LTP – Nirvana

Conscious Prophets are a collective of artists that everyone needs to look out for. Their newest project comes from LTP called Nirvana. With each song LTP (Longevity.Tranquility.Prosperity) paints a vivid picture of life that he’s lived through so far. The intro track, LTP states nothing but pure facts in his art and that his tape Nirvana is his journey to find his inner piece and it sets the whole vibe and mood for the thirteen track mixtape. With multiple highlights on the tape Nirvana is a project that everyone needs to listen to. It should defiantly put LTP and the Conscious Prophets on the map.

One of the first highlight tracks on the tape is Land of The Actors. With a feature Capt’n that kinda gives off a Alex Wiley vibe, LTP’s verse mixed with his voice over the beat connects so well and just gives off this vibe that just matches perfectly. LTP states in this verse that in the current society we live in everyone has two sides and they try to create a image of what they’re not. That connects so well to the overall message throughout the whole tape, and it makes it more special that the verse was written when LTP was incarcerated. LTP noticed the fakes the entire time.

The next highlight track is titled System featuring YALLAHY, produced by Mortem Beats. LTP and YALLAHY connect together to talk about the current society we currently live in and how messed up it is. From the poltical side to the racism to the violence in the city and how they connect in a full circle. Deep thoughts from the nineteen year old artist. YALLAHY’s verse was added one day he came to the studio and spit his verse, LTP connected to it so well and had to add it to his tape.

One of the final highlight tracks is City Lights. With a feature from Conscious Prophets member Big$ this tracks is just the definition of  vibes. On the track the two Prophets talk about how the Conscious Prophets are up next and theyre enjoying the rise and are living life as it happens. The chemistry and these two have together on this track really proves the prophets are up next, and I can vouch for this.

LTP’s Nirvana is something that should put him and the Conscious Prophets on everyone’s radar. Check this tape out and keep a eye out for more things to be released from all the Conscious Prophets very soon.

BRENT RAMBO – Subtweets In Musical Form

BRENT RAMBO is easily one most interesting producers coming up in the Chicago rap scene right now. Rugrats samples and sparse drums that can at times remind you of a hummingbird or the flapping of an insect’s wing through a field recorder – characterize RAMBO’s work in my mind, but those are only small pieces of a much larger picture.  I don’t know where he learned to write a song but it wasn’t from somewhere boring. He also kinda kills the vocals on the outro track produced by ###. Buy his beats you dummies.

Noname – Telefone

In 2013, Noname struck a chord with a large national audience thanks to an enamoring verse spat on Chance the Rapper’s now iconic mixtape, Acid Rap. What has she been doing for the past 3 years? It’s not for me to speculate, though I imagine she’s been working. What I feel is important to tell you right now is that Noname’s debut mixtape is out. Beyond that I would rather not mince words, we have waited so long for this beautiful and emotional labor of love. It’s so encouraging to see people from your city realizing their dreams and it is even more enlivening to see them collaborate together, Shoutout to theMind, Smino, Ravyn Lenae, Eryn Allen Kane, Joseph Chilliams, Saba and the whole host of local talent that Noname included on her tape.

MIXTAPE: Cousin Stizz, “MONDA”

Last year, I came across Boston rapper Cousin Stizz through his “No Bells” music video, and was instantly hooked. “No Bells” is still one of the very best songs of 2015, and the mixtape it came off of, Suffolk County, was one my favorite mixtapes of last year. It’s chock-full of laid-back, uber-charismatic weed rap that’s perfect for long car rides and moments of positive self-reflection. It is with great pleasure, then, that I can say that he’s topped his debut with the follow up, MONDA. Featuring a more developed, unique flow from Stizz to go along with stronger and more varied production from up-and-comers Lil Rich, Dumdrumz and Tee-WaTT as well as Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and Drake collaborator Cardo, MONDA is consistently quality throughout, with highlights scattered across the entirety of the 14-song tracklist. “500 Horses” does 2015 Drake better than 2015 Drake did 2015 Drake, “Gain Green” may be the wooziest song to ever motivate you, and “Big Fella” takes a gorgeous, soul-sampled beat and pairs it with Stizz’s best verses to date, making it a serious contender for 2016’s best rap song. With the constant flow of rap music stuffing the Internet every day, it can be hard to see what is truly worth it. Which is why it’s so important for Cousin Stizz to be supported, and why you need to go and listen to his mixtape. His music is not indebted to trends or waves; it is built for listening today, tomorrow and ten years from now. MONDA is only a few weeks old, but it feels and sounds built to last. Stream MONDA below and download it here.


21 Savage – Savage Mode

I was turned on to 21 savage by his own XXL freshman freestyle released a week or so ago. I hadn’t listen to the 21 year old rapper prior to that and his moving flow was something I enjoyed very much. His laid back sound in no way compliments his lyrics which are about killing and life in the hood. When savage released his mixtape produced by Metro Boomin, arguably one of the most prolific rap producers of our generation, I had to give it a listen. The ATL-ien did not disappoint, many tracks such as “X” featuring Future, where he talks about flexing on exes, are bangers. Tracks like Savage Mode, No Heart and others are equally enjoyable as he talks about how he made his way to the top, giving insight on his high school life and his mercurial rise in the music scene.

This has to be one of the nicest tapes this summer. The XXL freshman class is looked down upon by older cats but I think this new wave of rap is truly good for the genre. These rappers are exciting and are basing their music around fun. Music doesn’t always have to be so serious.


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Night Lovell – “Red Teenage Melody”

This past weekend I found myself in Ottawa, which is a coincidence, because Ottawa native Night Lovell dropped his second mixtape entitled Red Teenage Melody this past Friday and so passing the Rideau Canal listening to “Rideau Swing” was cool. This new project of his sees him moving away from the styles of his more obvious contemporaries (his debut tape, Concept Vague, landed him comparisons to gothic cult-hero Bones) and moving towards a more unique sound. Lovell’s ear for beats is impressive; while most of the flows he employs are generally generic, the production he selects is able to keep things interesting without the project seeming too all-over-the-place (especially the beats contributed from Blank Body). Check out Red Teenage Melody below.

Try Out: “Boy Red”, “Barbie Doll”, “Guidance (feat. Nessly)”


Nguzunguzu – Perfect Lullaby Vol. 3

*Professor Utonium Voice* The Perfect Little Mix. The Perfect Little Mix.

Art of Noise- Moments in Love (MA tarraxo remix)

JB- Wifey ghetto zouk remix (ice twinz vocal edit)

Nindja- Una Mattina (reedition)

Drake x Dinamarca- 10 Elásticos

Spice- Snake Charmer

Anju Blaxx- Punjabi Riddim

Willy G- Angela

Dotorado Pro- African Scream kizomba

Hitmakerchinx- No matter what day say

Master Pi- kizomba nva era

Nindja- In the Air Tonight

Willy G/ Janet Jackson- No Sleep Tarraxa Xui Xui (Ma Mash up)

Dj Silva Vs. Neuza & Mika Mendes- Cinderela Remexe

Rvssian- Customer care

Dj Express- Drunk n Fuck Kizomba remix

Mr. Shada- Evolution (kk chop)

Dj BeBeDeRa/ Keyshia Cole-  Massacre Guetto Zouk/ Changed my mind (MA edit)

Dj Express- Zoukstep samp

Dj BeBeDeRa/Bryson Tiller- Invencoes Malaises Exchange (Ma mash up)

El Xowan- Secreto Prohibido

Dj Paparazzi- Me Tarraxa Assim

Dj Paparazzi- Mi Ma Bo


Dj Dotorado ft Dj Babaz Fox- Tarraxo ki kuia

Dj dotorado ft dj babaz fox -tarraxo ki kuia vs trey songz oh nana

Uknown – Skynet kizomba vs mila j my main (NA edit)

Dotorado –  me da? so? do quadradinho

Dj Willy G – Perfeito

Vybz Kartel – im sprung remix

Jeremih ft Ty Dolla Sign – Impatient (Florentino remix)

Arcangel De La Ghetto Sin Mucha Demora vs Dj Lilocox Tarraxo Electrico (rmx de DJ Maboku)

Elji Beatzkilla – Tarraxa Umm (refixed)

Nindja – Venha

Mariah Carey – boy i need you (NA tarracho edit)

Khaos – One Fuck

Rich Gang – Milk Marie (NA tarracho edit)

Yaviah – Sensual Bebe (NA tarracha edit)

Jhene Aiko – Worthy Kizomba – (Ma mash)

Bobby V – Take Control (NA Tarracha edit)

Deejay Gamboa – Nha Rainha 2015

Dj Bebedera – Tarracho Viva el Puerto Rico

Dotorado – Indian

Deejay Gamboa – Ana Kkkkkk

Tarracho Inc- Bittersweet Kizomba


Adamn Killa – Back To Ballin The Mixtape

When Adamn Killa’s Back To Ballin mixtape dropped last Thursday, I sent it to a friend who I send new hip-hop to so he doesn’t have to prowl the internet for it like I enjoy doing. He said “who’s this?” I said “ADAMN!” He said “what’s it sound like?” I couldn’t give him an honest answer.

Chicago’s Adamn Killa isn’t like any other Chicago rapper you can find. He flows with a mostly drill style, but that’s pretty much where his Chicago influence ends. With his drill flow, he mixes Lil B type one liners (Adamn for president like I’m Richard Nixon/ Niggas do this shit for the recognition) with cutting edge production to create something distinct and original.

On Back To Ballin, Adamn taps longtime collaborator Blank Body for two of the mixtapes best songs in “Back To Ballin Intro” and “Adamn Superstar.” The production is strong, with Blank Body flexing his skills enough to where Adamn can rap easily over the hard hitting beats. On “Shawn Kemp”, produced by Sky, Adamn lets off some of his most comical bars to date (Niggas say they cashin/ They jeans be from Target).

Back To Ballin is a strong showing for Adamn, who most recently toured with Yung Lean (a past collaborator.) His internet aesthetic mixed with his Chicago influences blend nicely to create something fresh and intriguing. Adamn is more than a dude with pink dreads and a pink face tat, dressed up in Gucci flip flops and a Moncler coat; he’s one of Chicago’s most interesting budding rap artists.