TRPL BLK – Domestic Violence

So TRPL BLK is a member of Danny Brown’s clique, and he’s maybe….10 times more explicit than the cunnilingus king. Maybe 20, judging by his other releases I checked out- no metaphors or innuendos- just bluntly graphic tales of rough sex. In case anyone is put off by the track’s title, Mishka interprets for us:

“TRPL BLK does not endorse domestic violence, the act. Laying hands on women in anger, is not the look. However, as the nastiest motherfucker in Bruiser Brigade, TRPL BLK fully endorses domestic violence, in the “blow ya girl’s back out” way. Hitting women: not cool; hitting it right: very necessary.”

The dark, up-tempo backdrop of this song almost makes this a club anthem. A how-to/sex-on-the-dancefloor soundtrack.

TRPL BLK is set to release his new project via Mishka Records on 10/15, and it’s titled “Big Dick Niggas Eat Pussy Too,” in case you were wondering. :cat2: :cat2: :cat2: