Mlapa – Ice Coffee

Crazy how Australian producer Mlapa is not even worried about getting kidney stones drinking ice coffee every morning…

Karmah-Stove Top Painting

Okay, I’m seeing a connection between the album art and the fact that these tracks are extremely cookable- I am almost positive that Lil B would be proud. I’m also glad to know that twerking my wrist is acceptable and that I should no longer be ashamed. :egg: :iphone: :hotsprings:

Persian Empire – Kellertanz (Club Mix)

Sam Khatam stays killing the game, I don’t understand. Chopped up, Persian-y strings make this track more than a bouncy club jam- they’re just one of the many ways the Cosmonostro affiliate adds depth to his sounds. Khatam’s sample game is unique and although his style is diverse, I think he maintains a signature flavor throughout most of his work (this is a great thing, don’t worry). :green_apple: :violin: :dancers: