JMSN – It Is

Detroit’s JMSN, or Christian Berishaj, has been putting out solid releases one after the other for the last four years, but it’s hard to say any have been as soulful and emotionally packed as It Is, which dropped online yesterday. The 13 song project, written, produced and mixed by JMSN himself, is an impressive artistic step for Berishaj (who adopted the moniker JMSN in 2012) who has drifted through the music industry since he inked his first deal with Atlantic Records 10 years ago.

Throughout the album, JMSN flexes his vocal abilities through poetic lyrics about his love for a girl. At times, he grazes the surface pertaining to his experiences overcoming obstacles, never failing to bring it back around to marvel on how beautiful life can be. It Is is a project that skates between its highs and its lows without little hiccup in between.

You can cop tickets to JMSN’s show with 1833 at Double Door on June 9th right here.

Wiki – Hate Is Earned (Prod. by Black Milk)

Wiki of New York’s Ratking linked with Detroit producer Black Milk for the single “Hate Is Earned.” The track is raw and pure funk, Wiki makes being the recipient of hate sound like a badge in this short track of fire. He promises more Wiki is coming soon.

“Any hate man, I won
I take it in like the sun
It’s like vitamin D to me
The hate make me a deity.”

Shine Brida- Murders (prod. Eyes and Teeth)

Eyes and Teeth is a Detroit based hip hop producer who has had his hand on the pulse of the underground scene for some time (he also moonlights as the blogrunner over at Beats and Blood). Check out his latest ambitious project with actress/MC Shine Brida, check it out here if you’re into darkwave and witch house inspired hip hop.

Danny Brown – Smokin’ & Drinkin’

It’s a rare and fantastic day when Detroit-born emcee Danny Brown blesses us with a new visual, and today is that day.  “Smokin’ & Drinkin'”, which appears on Mr. Brown’s 2013 effort Old, is an homage to those age-old intoxicating past-times. The visual is frenetic and crazy, but that’s exactly what we’re supposed to expect from Danny.  Oh, yeah, and if you ever get a chance to see Danny Brown live, absolutely do it. He has one of the most insane sets I’ve ever seen.

Danny Brown – Contra

Danny Brown talked quite a bit about the “Old Danny Brown” on his most recent album Old, he even proclaimed the song Side B (Dope Song) was actually going to his last song about dope, but not his last dope song. Either way, Mr. Brown is throwing it back to his old self with a vinyl re-release of his 2008 project Hot Soup. This track is a remix produced by fellow Detroit native, Apollo Brown. Pretty dope collab if I do say so myself (intentional bad “dope” pun…). 

TRPL BLK – Domestic Violence

So TRPL BLK is a member of Danny Brown’s clique, and he’s maybe….10 times more explicit than the cunnilingus king. Maybe 20, judging by his other releases I checked out- no metaphors or innuendos- just bluntly graphic tales of rough sex. In case anyone is put off by the track’s title, Mishka interprets for us:

“TRPL BLK does not endorse domestic violence, the act. Laying hands on women in anger, is not the look. However, as the nastiest motherfucker in Bruiser Brigade, TRPL BLK fully endorses domestic violence, in the “blow ya girl’s back out” way. Hitting women: not cool; hitting it right: very necessary.”

The dark, up-tempo backdrop of this song almost makes this a club anthem. A how-to/sex-on-the-dancefloor soundtrack.

TRPL BLK is set to release his new project via Mishka Records on 10/15, and it’s titled “Big Dick Niggas Eat Pussy Too,” in case you were wondering. :cat2: :cat2: :cat2: