Khallee – Burgundy EP

“It’s like subtle alternative R&B, with like a modern day blues. Just talking about emotions like the old school guys. I like comparing myself to them. Tranquil blues type feeling.” – Khallee

I think more than anything this is an album about fall and how all the leaves die and people retreat indoors to feed their seasonal depression. I might just be projecting though but Khallee sounds like a choir of angels and Bobby bodied the production, big ups to them and the talented array of guests who included: The-GTW, Dre Green, A Dog, Gantman (wow legendary), Alex Fisher, and Kevin Carey.

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Breevie the LAME – Athena: The Koming of Knowledge

Chicago artist (I don’t want to pigeonhole this man as a rapper, because this is something vastly different than your average hip-hop project) Breevie the LAME dropped off his debut impact today with the release of Athena: The Koming of Knowledge. In unique fashion, Breevie actually broke the 7-track EP- each with it’s own story to tell. The first, Beginnings, allows for the listener to gauge somewhat of an understand as to what is going on in Breevie’s mind. The second, Emotions, is a roller-coaster of sentiments; and the last is Revolution which is, what I believe, Breevie putting the underlying messages from the first 2 segments together. The production seems like it was designed around Breevie’s strong vocal points; with Monte Booker providing a personal favorite on Thoth. For a debut project, ATKK is an extremely promising beginning to a very young career.

Stream Breevie the LAME‘s Athena: The Koming of Knowledge above.

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Savier feat. Myko Baer – Some Type Of

“It was just the weekend
Sorry got you weakened by these feelings”

Producer/rapper Savier dropped the single “Some Type Of” featuring his 14 year old brother Myko Baer. It premiered on Mishka alongside an interview with Ben Niespodziany to whom he described the meaning of the song – “I would say the song is about doing things your own way, and achieving your goals at your own pace and fashion…” The beat is familiar to me, I listened to it plenty on W3NDCH3LL. Savier sounds thoughtful yet still agressive as he raps alongside his young brother. Stay posted, his next project Le Sauveur is due in October. “Some Type Of” fame and big success are in order, Savier makes good music.

Weekend Finds – 7/13/15

I worked my retail job on a Saturday for the first time this weekend, and it was nothing short of awful. People so crazy with this consumerism shit, man. This woman asked me if we had a pair of very popular shoes in a very popular size and asked me “why?!” (in a very rude tone) when we didn’t. Well here I am to tell you WHEN YOU WANT THE MOST FUCKING POPULAR SHOE IN THE MOST POPULAR SIZE, YOU BETTER BE EARLY TO THE GAME FOR THAT SHIT OR SORRY. NONE FOR YOU. Alright, I just had to get that off my chest. I found some sweet music this weekend, too, so without further adieu…

Mourn – Silver Gold

Barely out of high school and already playing Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend, Barcelona punks MOURN found their way into my inbox recently, and I cannot stop playing this track in particular. I love the structure of the track, and added female vocals (three of the four band members are chicks) gives it a much more raw and genuine sound. Definitely excited to peep their set at P4K on Sunday!

Cashy – Who You Wanna Be (prod. Purp Dogg)

NeonPajamas’ Mishka Records dropped some serious gasoline recently with the second collaborative EP between Cashy and Purp Dogg. “Who You Wanna Be”, the first song on the project, is fun and boastful making it nearly impossible not to bounce to its swinging beat. Don’t sleep on the rest of the project either, which features holographic e-trading cards with the Bandcamp download.

Adrian Young & Ghostface Killah – Get The Money (feat. Vince Staples)

It’s not very often you get someone like Ghostface Killah on a track with LA youngster Vince Staples, but the product when it finally happens is absolute cream. Producer Adrian Young just dropped a collaborative album with the Wu-Tang titan, which features additional features from RZA, Raekwon and Bilal. This project is a definite must-listen for any old head, so don’t sleep!

Ramriddlz – Sweeterman (Drake Remix)

There has been a lot of shade thrown at Apple in the past few months as they begin their even further descent and takeover of the music industry with the launching of Apple Music and now Beats1 radio. Though I personally haven’t tested Apple Music out, I did get a chance to read up on and hear some of the Beats1 sets, which featured shows from Soulection’s Joe Kay and OVOSOUND, and I must say I am impressed. During Drake’s inaugural set, he unveiled a few remixes of his, including this one of Ramriddlz “Sweeterman”. I really can’t stop listening to this song, and the original, and really all I want to know is…WHAT THE FUCK DOES “EDUNANANE” MEAN?!?! $10 to the first person who can explain what the fuck dude is talking about. I’m very curious.

[Premiere] Child Actor – Acting Like Children (Premix)

A 36 minute premix to properly prepare you for Child Actor’s Never Die remixes, arriving April 6 via Mishka Records. This mix covers the history of the pop duo, from remixes to guest choruses to original pieces.

01. Child Actor – You’re A Ghost
02. Javelin – Light Out (Child Actor Remix)
03. Child Actor – Get Up
04. Child Actor – Against the Night
05. Deniro Farrar – Death of Forever (Feat. Child Actor)
06. Blue Sky Black Death – IV (Feat. JMSN) (Child Actor Remix)
07. Child Actor – Getaway
08. Deniro Farrar – Rebirth / Hold On (Feat. Child Actor)
09. Child Actor – Wait
10. Child Actor – They Don’t Know
11. Child Actor – Release Me
12. Child Actor – Morning
13. Child Actor – Never Die
14. Child Actor – Clear
15. Child Actor – The Moment

1833 Mix Series, Vol 42: Snow Sparks (Neon Pajamas)

Neon Pajamas, our good friend and one of the editors over at The Mishka Bloglin contributed this mix to our ongoing series.

01. Furns – Sparks
02. Appleby – Rounded Edge (Prod OZZIE)
03. SXMPLELIFE – American Beauty
04. bsd.u – hoodie weather
05. The Alchemist – – BBS
06. Thelonious Martin – Tree of Life Reprise
07. Swimful Buterfly – Night Fountain in People’s Square
08. Leather Corduroys – Marijuana Smoker (Prod. JohnWalk)
09. Beautiful Lou – Makin’ Dreams Come True
10. Tree – Tornado
11. AmbI Lyrics – Otero Tunes (Feat. theMIND)
12. Jaden & Willow Smith – PCH (Heavy Hearts Remix)
13. Izzard – Shelter
14. AX – Faraway
15. Corbin  – Worn
16. Sir Flywalkr – Alex Mack
17. AmbI Lyrics – Nevermind (Feat. LEGIT)
18. Nosidam. – One Kiss (Feat. Via Rosa) (Prod. Dela)
19. Alicia Keys – Unthinkable (OurSkeletonBones Remix)
20. iNDEEDFACE – Javelin
21. 88 ULTRA – Higher Than You Know
22. WebsterX – Doomsday (Feat. Siren) [Chants]
23. Jean Deaux – Right Now
24. Sirius Blvck – Backwoods (Prod. Bones of Ghosts)
25. Cloudlife – Peels
26. OurSkeletonBones – You
27. The Walters – Fancy Shoes

TRPL BLK – Domestic Violence

So TRPL BLK is a member of Danny Brown’s clique, and he’s maybe….10 times more explicit than the cunnilingus king. Maybe 20, judging by his other releases I checked out- no metaphors or innuendos- just bluntly graphic tales of rough sex. In case anyone is put off by the track’s title, Mishka interprets for us:

“TRPL BLK does not endorse domestic violence, the act. Laying hands on women in anger, is not the look. However, as the nastiest motherfucker in Bruiser Brigade, TRPL BLK fully endorses domestic violence, in the “blow ya girl’s back out” way. Hitting women: not cool; hitting it right: very necessary.”

The dark, up-tempo backdrop of this song almost makes this a club anthem. A how-to/sex-on-the-dancefloor soundtrack.

TRPL BLK is set to release his new project via Mishka Records on 10/15, and it’s titled “Big Dick Niggas Eat Pussy Too,” in case you were wondering. :cat2: :cat2: :cat2: