Sayveeyun – Strength

Although none of my lyrics are ever biographical, my struggles with anxiety and identity as a half-Tibetan are always focal points in my work. “Strength” in particular was written when I was thinking about my alienation as a second generation Tibetan and the distance I have from both the Tibetan community, as well as my family in general. It’s a little indulgent, which is why I tend to write less biographically and focus on simpler word and abstract phrases that evoke the same feeling without being too much about myself. It’s the reason why I admire someone like Thom Yorke who is able to write moving lyrics without being too introspective.


While making the beat for “Strength”, I wanted to do something that coexisted between my interest in experimental electronic music, Mumdance’s concept of weightless music, punk rock guitar swells, and post rock’s emphasis on changing textures rather than large melodic switch-ups. I believe the result to be something that is still inspired by leftfield pop and bass music without taking too much from deconstructed club.” – Sayveeyun