VXO – Alcanzarme

The manifold sounds of Connecticut’s experimental musician VXO takes new shape following their earlier release “Why U Call Me” and Color Plus feature “Fade 2”: layered harmonizing vocals cross-stitched into peaking synth melodies and dirty breakbeat rhythms.

“Alcanzarme” is the second single from VXO’s self-titled EP on Vanity Press Records, out 10/20—vinyl preorders available at FIT Detroit. Album art by Ali Bonfils.

Budo – “An Elderly Woman Named Jeff”

Budo, an instrumentalist and producer residing from Brooklyn, is known for his production with the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis team – Budo’s produced track on the album “Downtown” is currently #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Creating a solo identity, “An Elderly Woman Named Jeff” is a single off Budo’s full-length experimental project which we can expect to drop next year. The dark, experimental drum beat takes to the likings of a Hud-mo track, with piano chords interjected to create one of those – “I can’t tell if I’m going to cry or laugh” moods.

Stream “An Elderly Woman Named Jeff” below and stay woke for Budo’s album next year. It’s a name you should get used to hearing.

Nicolas Jaar – Fight (Nymphs IV)

“This nymph swam to gent.”

It’s always a rare and welcome surprise when Nicolas Jaar releases new music. It usually comes without massive amounts of pre-existing hype, entering from left field and finishing somewhere in the place your mind lands after lengths of stimulating coddling. Jaar’s latest is an 8 minute assemblage of subtle noise that slowly morphs into its own expressionistic monster – flirting with straightforward minimal, avant-garde horror-like film scores, and a looped vocal sample taking on a personality of its own. Synths enter and leave the track, hinting at some sort of melodic structure, before the song will repeatedly pull the rug from under your feet and you’ll just hear lightning for a few seconds.

Jaar really is a master at creating deliberate, psychological space out of a collage of sounds, inspirations and genres. As a music writer, it can be tempting to describe songs in comparison to others. This becomes impossible with most Jaar’s work, and one of the increasingly fascinating parts of his body of work, which can also feel highly organized and improvisational at the same time. As a listener, his music can feel like a chance to let your imagination take over. Check out “Fight” and let your mind wonder.

Dan Blair – saúde

The newest single from Chicago DJ/Producer Dan Blair is fascinatingly comforting; taking a recognizable break-beat structure and slicing aspects of hip-hop production into more glitchy, experimental terrain while incorporating hints of world music influence. A few tags on Soundcloud help to identify the direction the artist is taking, including “#Brazil,” “#Colors,” and “#Cheers.” It’s a celebratory feeling half way through the song, when the claves echo high above the bass line. This is a great four minute track that arrives right at the end of summer, usually a reflective period, and a time to slow down and cheers to good health and good memories.

Generalife and the Continental Antiquer’s Guild – Plutoniques

Terrible Pleasures is a up-and-coming DIY tape label based out of Chicago that has physically released one tape so far, Wyalusing’s awesomely psychedelic Wyalusing Plays Folk Ballads from the End of the Kali Yuga. Associated with them is the production unit Picatrix Sound, and pre-Picatrix Sound producer Generalife returns after a 2 year break from projects with Plutoniques.

Plutoniques is a cool little album, filled with jungle influenced beats that are thrown with psychedelic grooves. The standout track is the album’s closer, “Wooze”. The track’s familiar drumbeat gets distorted and chopped as to make the impression that we are going in and out of different dimensions while listening. The music is described as “Audio transmissions from an array of realms” on their Bandcamp and “Wooze” is the most convincing of that. The exact backstory behind these guys is a little weirdly unclear, as it seems that they enjoy creating their own tounge-in-cheek, Sun Ra-esque mythology. But nonetheless, if their discography and track record says anything then we’ll be hearing a lot more of them in 2014.


Pictureplane’s newest release is actually a collection of old experimental sounds, but it’s truly interesting to hear how he’s evolved since these tracks were recorded. I think the hazy, muffled nature of this compilation is one of its most appealing aspects-homemade because it is homemade (obv). Amidst the highly-textured, cloudy noise-pop, we get to hear elements from several genres, and even some lyrics and raps (thought that was pretty neat). Getting to listen to artist’s old unreleased material always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling for some reason, I don’t know. Anyone in music who shares their beginnings with the public should be appreciated in my book~

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