Generalife and the Continental Antiquer’s Guild – Plutoniques

Terrible Pleasures is a up-and-coming DIY tape label based out of Chicago that has physically released one tape so far, Wyalusing’s awesomely psychedelic Wyalusing Plays Folk Ballads from the End of the Kali Yuga. Associated with them is the production unit Picatrix Sound, and pre-Picatrix Sound producer Generalife returns after a 2 year break from projects with Plutoniques.

Plutoniques is a cool little album, filled with jungle influenced beats that are thrown with psychedelic grooves. The standout track is the album’s closer, “Wooze”. The track’s familiar drumbeat gets distorted and chopped as to make the impression that we are going in and out of different dimensions while listening. The music is described as “Audio transmissions from an array of realms” on their Bandcamp and “Wooze” is the most convincing of that. The exact backstory behind these guys is a little weirdly unclear, as it seems that they enjoy creating their own tounge-in-cheek, Sun Ra-esque mythology. But nonetheless, if their discography and track record says anything then we’ll be hearing a lot more of them in 2014.