Charlotte Wilson – Where Do You Go

Remember that time every single cool new artist was from Toronto? Yeah, that’s still true. Canada’s own Charlotte Day Wilson turned heads earlier this year with her single release “Work”, the first single off her debut project CDW. Now, the rest of her EP is available for streaming on Soundcloud, and it’s making this gloomy Tuesday look up. Wilson effortlessly combines chillwave and R&B, creating a smooth sound to the likes of Beach House and Jessie Ware.

Catch her on tour this fall with fellow chillwavers Local Natives, and stream the album below. Don’t forget to cop the album August 26th.


G-Scott – Hennessy Lemonade

Indiana’s G-Scott is more than what may meet the eye – he’s a talented, intricate producer, a skillful, emotion-striking songwriter, and a rapper that speaks truths we have all experienced.

This Friday, Scott dropped the new video for “Hennessy Lemonade”, where he tells the all too familiar story of those toxic situations, and sometimes persons, that we continue to expose ourselves to. This is a continuation of the theme in his first mixtape, Weekend in Los Vegas, where he raps about the struggle in temptation by those shiny objects we all come across in life.

This is the second release from his new project, Another Weekend in Los Vegas, which can be streamed on Apple Music. “Los Vegas” is a combination of the Los Angeles, a city representing growth and dimension, and Las Vegas – where maturity takes a backseat to temptation.

If PARTYNEXTDOOR took an ambien, the result would be “Hennessy Lemonade.” This dark, emotion-provoking video is both relatable and catchy as hell – we’re ready for more G-Scott in 2016.

Watch “Hennessy Lemonade” above.

Penthouse Penthouse – About You ft. Maribelle

Nothing celebrates the sweet joys of romance quite like Penthouse Penthouse’s newest track, “About You” ft. Maribelle. It’s no surprise that Penthouse has dropped another fire production giving us a modern twist on a classic R&B sound, but the combination with Maribelle’s smooth Tinashe-like vocals pave the way for a bright future in pop music.

Residing in LA, Penthouse Penthouse has completely wooed us over their downtempo sultry sound, with striking chords that compliment a modern R&B vibe. If you asked a really dope, emotionally intelligent garage band and Chromeo to do a cover of your favorite r&b song, the result would be a Penthouse track. “About You” adopts their signature sound with a pop twist on it, and broadens the horizons in their versatility as artists.  With the drop of “Work It Out” with legendary Promnite just a few weeks ago and an EP in the works, 2016 is looking pretty lit for the dynamic duo.

These lyrics have us all dropping heart eye emojis for bae. ” I wanna know the things thats on your mind / What you do with all your time / How you wanna live your life / I wanna know everything about you”

Stream “About You” below.



Imad Royal – Down for Whatever

It’s not easy to capture the blissful, easygoing, butterfly-inducing beginnings of a new relationship in a song.  Well, “Down for Whatever” by Imad Royal has nailed it and left us wanting more. “She a little but crazy / but I’m crazy for my baby / It’s whatever.” Featured on the track is New Orleans based MC/songwriter/producer/jack-of-all-trades artist Pell.

This is the second single from Lebanese-American producer/singer/songwriter Royal, whose effortless ability to blur the lines between r&b and pop make his songs as impressionable as his relatable lyrics.

Stream “Down for Whatever” below.

Asaiah Ziv – Here feat. SPZRKT

“Here”, produced by Asaiah Ziv, is the first track to drop from his upcoming EP, Free Your Soul [Side A]. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how such a new singer has developed such a strong sound. Well, it’s because Ziv’s musical career has a past life – as an extremely successful Christian hip hop artist. No stranger to music, Ziv’s first album, Murder My Flesh, secured him a cozy little spot on the Christian Albums Billboard charts at No. 49. Feeling the love from his first album, he released Hipsavy: The Introduction in 2014 which alluded to the musical transition he was making to the indie hip hop scene.
Singer SPZRKT also dabbled in the Christian hip-hop music scene, so it feels only right that the two would team up for this track and deliver straight fire. Special shoutout to the Kanye/Twista flip at the beginning, which has an extremely special place in my heart.

Stream “Here” below.

Silver – Expected (Prod. By Danny Jamz)

Chicago based collective 11th Realm has been comin’ in hot this year with new tracks – members Leiah Maree and  Zeriah have already been blessin’ us with that new new (see 3:33). The third member, rhymes smooth-like-butter rapper Silver, released his newest single, “Expected” earlier this month. Produced by Chicago’s Danny Jamz, this track is servin’ major OG southern rap vibes.

Stay woke for Silver’s next project, Everything Around Me, coming soon. Stream below and enjoy.

Someguynamedty – #TheDriveSXM [1/9]

It’s January and three degrees in Chicago, which means y’all might need a soundtrack for this very real cuffing season. Last night on #TheDriveSXM, Fake Shore Drive‘s weekly mix show on Shade 45 Sirius XM, resident DJ Someguynamedty shut it down with an hour long cuddle turn up mix. Features on the mix include Tink, Smino, Jeremih, Dreezy, and many more of the Midwest’s finest. It’s no surprise to hear another fire mix from Someguynamedty, but the shift from a typically rap-focused mix to r&b bedroom bangers was a special treat for all us listeners.

By popular demand, the mix has been posted on Soundcloud and can be streamed below. Catch #TheDriveSXM every Sunday night from 11pm – 1am CST on The Shade 45 Sirius XM.

Zeriah – 3:33

What were you doing when you were seventeen? I was probably memorizing Taking Back Sunday lyrics and watching the OC. Not the case for Zeriah, who is a seventeen year old producer – he’s the man behind Chicago based rapper Silver’s sound. 3:33 is the perfect mix of emotion-provoking power chords and a Brazilian, Sango-inspired rhythm. His next project, Malaise, is set to drop June 3rd.

Stream below.

someguynamedty – December 22nd

You probably recognize Someguynamedty from the internet. He’s the managing editor at Chicago hip hop blog Fake Shore Drive, which covers the most talented hip hop/rap artists in the Midwest. As of September, he became the youngest resident DJ on Shade 45. Every Sunday night from 11pm – 1am CST you can catch Someguynamedty on #TheDriveSXM, Fake Shore Drive’s new weekly mixshow on Shade 45 SiriusXM, alongside a guest DJ.

Paying homage to DJ Screw with using dates as titles, this is the third mini mix Someguynamedty has dropped. If you don’t have the attention span to stay woke on good upcoming rap and prefer the Sparknotes, these mixes can catch you up to speed real quick. You can find all of them on his Soundcloud. Spoiler alert – if you like Clueless, keep your ears peeled for a nice lil surprise in his mixes.

Stream December 22nd below.

Little Simz – AGE 101: DROP X

If nobody loves you, just know Little Simz loves you. She just dropped the newest installment of her EP series, Age 101, with the mixtape Drop X. The “X” comes from this being her TENTH solo project, which is crazy impressive. After releasing her debut album in September, A Curious Tales of Trials + Persons, she is rounding out the year strong with this seven track mixtape. Features on the mixtape include Isaiah Rashad, Jesse Boykins iii,  and Mick Jenkins.

Powerful lyrics accompany beautiful chords in “Just a Dose” – “Picture me in a galaxy / somewhere in different spaces / Treasuring every moment / Before they want to invade it”


Tiffany Calver – 4:11AM

After reaching my annoyance threshold from rolling my eyes at all the #happyhumpdaytweets, my day took a turn for the better when London based radio host Tiffany Calver dropped a mini mix, 4:11AM.

I’m gonna try to not get too #girlpower in this post, but it always gets me amped to write about another chick (especially with such a great first name, wow) crushing the game. Calver hosts her own show on  Radar Radio every Friday night from 6-8pm (London time duh), but it doesn’t end there. She also founded  M&O, which I promise will be your favorite source of underground shit that you can impress your new boyfriend with.

It’s always a blessed day when she drops her mini-mixes on Soundcloud, which have quite possibly the best titles ever in addition to being dope as hell (see “You Said Netflix and Chill” for example).

Don’t let an ocean get in between your acquaintance with her music. Stream “4:11am” below.