Drake- From Time (Ruddyp Refix)

Ruddyp (real name Ruddy Javier Paniagua), has already released an EP with XXYYXX, a project with BEAR//FACE, and is set to release a solo EP this year. The Virginian producer has been said to specialize in “dreamtrap,” but he doesn’t like boxing his music into a genre. One thing’s for sure though- between Ruddy and his girlfriend Carling Ruse, it’s easy to feel slightly euphoric after listening to their tunes. This rendition of Drake & Jhené Aiko’s collab switches up the tempo and gets Ruddyp’s signature dreamy flavor. The recent flood of Drizzy remixes is gonna be going strong for a while since NWTS dropped, but I am mosdef not complaining. :raised_hands: