Drake – One Dance (Different Sleep Cover)

I have a theory about Drake’s “One Dance” in which you can find someone to go home with at any nightclub during the duration of this track. Seriously. Someone please test this theory and get back to me.

Now, if you manage to get someone back to your bedroom from the dance floor, I would recommend keeping the mood steady with this cover of “One Dance” produced and performed by L.A. based producer Different Sleep. The cover keeps the seductive vibe of the original while losing the dancehall riddim and replacing it with a more RnB type tempo. Big man ting, shawty definitely gonna be feelin’ da bruv once dis here track starts pumpin wagwan!

Majid Jordan – Something About You

Dynamic Toronto duo Majid Jordan has blessed us with their new single “Something About You.” This is the second single, along with “My Love” ft. Drake, off their debut album available for preorder on Friday.

“Not afraid of love / As soon as you call me up / I can’t help what I’m feeling / something about you is different”

EVERY GIRL IS SWOONING RIGHT NOW (do people still use that word?). We. are. so. fucking. excited. for. Friday.

D.R.A.M. – Cha Cha (Falcons Remix)

So there’s been some controversy surrounding D.R.A.M.’s song Cha Cha, ever since D.R.A.M. accused Drake of “jacking” the beat of Cha Cha in his hit Hotline Bling. I like to hear a good piece of Drake-gossip as much as the next music lover, but we’ll leave that beef on social media for now. In the mean time, LA-based producer Falcons has been working on a remix of Cha Cha that flips the feud right on its head.

Falcons turns the original Cha Cha into a full-bodied experience by turning up and doubling the vocals and amplifying the beat. He takes the lax, new wave version up a notch, transforming it into dance rock song that makes me want to leap out of my seat and jive. A the chorus repeats, the song becomes hyper, bass boosted, and hotly addicting. The song brings the rhythm; even if you think you can’t dance, I promise you’ll be moving along in time to this remix. Check it out and get your *cha cha* on above.

Mr. Carmack – Drinks Are On Us (ft. Promnite)

Mr. Carmack continues to release some fire. Along with the announcement of his White EP set to release October 25, and a remix of Drake’s “30 for 30,” aptly named “white ep (bootleg), in two weeks (14 days),” the producer also unveiled his rework of  Mike WiLL Made-it’s “Drinks On Us.”

The track is an atmospheric splattering of infectious bass lines, wavy synths and warped, layered vocal samples. You can listen to the track above. More often than not, Carmack can do no wrong.

Stella – Hotline Bling (Drake Cover)

Having a famous parent can sometimes be as detrimental as it can be beneficial – take Lil Romeo for example. It’s when the child of a celebrity takes what their parent did as a stepping stone rather than something to completely lean on that they will find their own success. Stella Santana could quite possibly be the quintessential example of this idea. Nothing about her music sounds like her father (if you haven’t put two and two together yet, her dad is none other than music legend Carlos Santana), and that’s probably a good thing. They do have one thing in common though, and that’s their ability to capture emotion within their music. Today, Stella released a soulful rendition of Drake‘s Hotline Bling and truly did the song justice while also being able to make it sound like her own.

Thank you to Pigeons and Planes for the discovery. Stream Stella Santana‘s cover of Hotline Bling above.

Majid Jordan – My Love feat. Drake (KL Flip)

Producer Kid Lizard did the unthinkable and took a relatively depressing record and added some spunk to it. My Love, by Majid Jordan featuring Drake, has been a regular mainstay when I want to be too in my feelings, and Kid Lizard achieved the mark of being able to give the song a whole new meaning with complex soundscapes and energetic synths. I know little about Kid Lizard, but if this is any indication of what he is capable of then I am certainly looking forward to hearing more from the producer.

Stream Kid Lizard‘s flip of Majid Jordan & Drake‘s My Love above.

Sauce Walka – Wack 2 Wack

Sauce Walka is completely fed up with his city being appropriated by a larger audience, and he isn’t afraid to show it. In a freestyle he dropped off last night, the Houston-native came at Drake with no chill on Wack 2 Wack (yes, it is over the Back 2 Back instrumental). Apparently, Drizzy was supposed to remix Sauce’s record 2 Legited 2 Quitted a few months back, and that never happened. Things reached their boiling point when a video of Drake, referring to the “drip” as a dance, surfaced. Many have questioned, for a long time, Drake’s authenticity when it comes to his “appreciation” for Houston. It has gotten to a point where a lot of Houston-natives feel like Drake is trying to appropriate a culture he isn’t apart of – this seems to be a larger issue in the past few years. Drake fan or not, it’s hard to say that Sauce didn’t bring the proverbial heat with this record. To me, this is what diss tracks are about – utter and complete disrespect for your opponent. Regardless, hit the link above to see what you think of Sauce Walka’s latest.

Last week, I tried to inform our audience on the greatness that is Sauce Walka (if you didn’t see it, here is a link).

Fuego – Cuando Suena El Bling (Hotline Bling Remix)

This is the sort of stuff that I’ve previously meant by stating that you don’t need words, or to understand words, to appreciate good music. Fuego‘s Spanish-remix of Drake‘s ever-so-popular Hotline Bling is the hottest song I’ve heard in the past 24 hours. I’m sure that this is the way to teach people foreign languages, and I’ll probably be able to recite this entire composition by tomorrow. I’m not sure how this man touched my soul like this, but I greatly appreciate it.

Stream & download Fuego‘s Cuando Suena El Bling above.

Saturday Seminar: Bryson Tiller

Since the internet is basically 2015’s version of a clubhouse, and this is where we hang out with friends now rather than actually doing things in real life, I’m going to just pretend we’re all sitting in a giant room and someone passed me the aux-cable to enlighten the entire gathering on an artist that I don’t think everyone in said giant room is hip to. What would you say to me if I told you that I’m predicting the next R&B (don’t pigeon-hole him) sensation is going to come out of Louisville, Kentucky? You’d probably be like, “you’re an idiot and all that comes out of Louisville is horse racing and baseball bats,” – in which case nine times out of ten I would be obliged to agree with you – but allow me to introduce you to Bryson Tiller. I am 100% convinced that he is the greatest thing to come from the ‘Ville since Cassius Clay. I first came across Bryson’s music back in March when I heard his freestyle over Drake‘s “How About Now?”, and since then I can’t think of any time in which he has disappointed me. What I think is the dopest thing about him is that he realizes, given his sound/genre, that he is going to get Drake comparisons. Rather than shoot them down or get offended, he embraces it. The way I see it – you’re doing something right if you’re drawing comparisons like that. He’s also gotten to this point without a major feature which is a tall task in itself. Bryson’s “hit” to this point would probably be the Ray-Allen’s-jumper-smooth Don’t in which he not only caught the ears of at least 16,000,000 people but he grabbed the attention of perhaps the most important ear in hip-hop right now: 

The 6-God cosign is extremely important, but please don’t let all of that Drake talk fool you- this kid is incredible in his own right. In my own personal opinion, and please dear god don’t flame me for having an original one, I actually enjoy his fluctuation between singing and rapping more than I enjoy Drizzy’s. Break Bread, featuring King Vory, and Ease, featuring WunTayk Timmy, are the perfect highlight of Tiller’s above-average rapping ability, “I’m smoking on that Amster/ Tiller hit that rose like Amber”. What’s most enjoyable though is how this man can put you in your feelings with his sadder jams about losing love, like Been That Way, or completely inflate your ego when you’ve dropped a scrub, like Sorry Not Sorry (my personal favorite and what I brush my teeth to daily). He’s also extremely fun and charismatic which is clearly evident on Don’t Worry/Molly – the last half is a freestyle over Makonnen‘s wildly popular I Don’t Sell Molly No More, and another common denominator between Tiller and OVO (his latest single samples Drake’s Bria’s Interlude).

Louisville has curated some really cool things for being a city from Kentucky. No offense to the Louisville-nites, but all I see when I think of Kentucky is bluegrass and bourbon; which actually isn’t a bad thing but don’t get me started. I am 100% on the Bryson Tiller bandwagon. The kid has done nothing but prove that he has the voice and flow to carry him further than just the trending charts of SoundCloud.


Note to Bryson Tiller: if you read this, I’d love to interview you and ask you completely irrelevant questions.

Champagne Papi – Know Yourself (Jacques Greene Intro Edit)

Playing the regular version of a crowd favorite during DJ sets can get boring, so Jacques Greene took it upon himself to make a killer edit of Drake’s “Know Yourself” as a great substitute for the version everyone’s got on their iPod’s. The track was premiered yesterday on the inaugural OVOSOUND Beats1 radio show, which was absolutely spectacular. If you haven’t peeped the show, which featured sets from Drizzy, Oliver, and Eric Dingus, you can right here.

Weekend Finds – 7/13/15

I worked my retail job on a Saturday for the first time this weekend, and it was nothing short of awful. People so crazy with this consumerism shit, man. This woman asked me if we had a pair of very popular shoes in a very popular size and asked me “why?!” (in a very rude tone) when we didn’t. Well here I am to tell you WHEN YOU WANT THE MOST FUCKING POPULAR SHOE IN THE MOST POPULAR SIZE, YOU BETTER BE EARLY TO THE GAME FOR THAT SHIT OR SORRY. NONE FOR YOU. Alright, I just had to get that off my chest. I found some sweet music this weekend, too, so without further adieu…

Mourn – Silver Gold

Barely out of high school and already playing Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend, Barcelona punks MOURN found their way into my inbox recently, and I cannot stop playing this track in particular. I love the structure of the track, and added female vocals (three of the four band members are chicks) gives it a much more raw and genuine sound. Definitely excited to peep their set at P4K on Sunday!

Cashy – Who You Wanna Be (prod. Purp Dogg)

NeonPajamas’ Mishka Records dropped some serious gasoline recently with the second collaborative EP between Cashy and Purp Dogg. “Who You Wanna Be”, the first song on the project, is fun and boastful making it nearly impossible not to bounce to its swinging beat. Don’t sleep on the rest of the project either, which features holographic e-trading cards with the Bandcamp download.

Adrian Young & Ghostface Killah – Get The Money (feat. Vince Staples)

It’s not very often you get someone like Ghostface Killah on a track with LA youngster Vince Staples, but the product when it finally happens is absolute cream. Producer Adrian Young just dropped a collaborative album with the Wu-Tang titan, which features additional features from RZA, Raekwon and Bilal. This project is a definite must-listen for any old head, so don’t sleep!

Ramriddlz – Sweeterman (Drake Remix)

There has been a lot of shade thrown at Apple in the past few months as they begin their even further descent and takeover of the music industry with the launching of Apple Music and now Beats1 radio. Though I personally haven’t tested Apple Music out, I did get a chance to read up on and hear some of the Beats1 sets, which featured shows from Soulection’s Joe Kay and OVOSOUND, and I must say I am impressed. During Drake’s inaugural set, he unveiled a few remixes of his, including this one of Ramriddlz “Sweeterman”. I really can’t stop listening to this song, and the original, and really all I want to know is…WHAT THE FUCK DOES “EDUNANANE” MEAN?!?! $10 to the first person who can explain what the fuck dude is talking about. I’m very curious.