RAC – I Still Wanna Know (feat Rivers Cuomo) [Goldroom Remix]

After coming across Goldroom’s remix of RAC’s single “I Still Wanna Know”, it hit me—I’ve been listening to RAC for nearly a decade. It all started on Hypem, when I crossed paths with his remix of Penguin’s Prison’s “The Worse It Gets”. One listen, and I was totally hooked. Then came the Ra Ra Riot “Manner To Act” remix, which forever solidified my fandom. RAC’s found a way to walk the line between the sounds of 80s synth nostalgia and the earthy, intimate textures of early 00’s indie rock, giving each of his songs an emotional energy that’s instantly recognizable. Goldroom ups that ante in his remix, sprinkling in modernized house elements like driving, anthemic piano chords and a buoyant, thick drumbeat. In doing so, he’s made an RAC song even more RAC than before, giving it that same effervescence that snagged my ear all those years ago.