No My Name Is Jeffery

If you haven’t heard of the Young Thug by now then you have problem. Although he is most known for his controversial style, he’s a talented artist. I was first turned on to Young Thug after giving his album Barter 6 a chance, before that I disliked everything about the 25 year old rapper. In this new album “No My Name Is Jeffery” Young Thug explained that the tracks on the album are named after his idols. The track names include “Guwop” for Gucci Mane, Rihanna, Floyd Mayweather, Kanye West and also the recently killed gorilla Harambe. The top two tracks on the song for me personally are Wyclef Jean and Guwop. The album is not Barter 6 but an extremely good follow up and contains many songs to soundtrack a great evening out. All in all, I can vouch that Young Thug has once again delivered on a project which makes me excited about everything he has in store for his audience in the future.

Blank Body – Easy Prey

Blank Body is easily one of the most meticulous, innovative, and gifted producers to rise to prominence through the internet/soundcloud beat scene. Many rising rap stars like Night Lovell and Adamn Killa owe BB a debt of gratitude for producing some of their most compelling songs. His influence can be easily identified in the production work of many of his peers, but none can quite do it like Blank Body.

Dedekind – CONVERSATIONS WITH ANGELS (ft. DJ Shadow, Chino Amobi)

What do you even say about something like this. This is the kind of thing that pushes music and art forward. This is the kind of thing that has value beyond it’s ability to be sold. It’s radical, in many senses of the word. Radicalism is the only thing that will push politics, art, and society forward. Thank you Dedekind.

Sylvie Grace – Lately (prod. Prov)

Here is Sylvie Grace‘s new song “Lately”. Work on the track began back in March when Sylvie and Jeremy Aregood came over to PROV’s with the lyrics and guitar progression already written. Sylvie played cello on it.  Then later, Boyang, who plays bass with The O’My’s, laid down his part. PROV produced and engineered all the instruments and vocals, recorded the percussion and himself on the synth pad, and chopped up a bunch of stuff throughout the song. Finally, Ryan Gorgol mixed and mastered. Fun Fact: one time I was working at Eastroom and Sylvie complimented the pink Mishka hat that Neon Pajamas got for me.

BRENT RAMBO – Subtweets In Musical Form

BRENT RAMBO is easily one most interesting producers coming up in the Chicago rap scene right now. Rugrats samples and sparse drums that can at times remind you of a hummingbird or the flapping of an insect’s wing through a field recorder – characterize RAMBO’s work in my mind, but those are only small pieces of a much larger picture.  I don’t know where he learned to write a song but it wasn’t from somewhere boring. He also kinda kills the vocals on the outro track produced by ###. Buy his beats you dummies.

MINA – Balafon Bata (ft Sillati)

A balafon is kind of like a wooden xylophone type instrument. I looked that up so you wouldn’t have to. In Brazil they have a small wooden drum that they refer to as a bata and it’s also a type of tree, though I think only the former definition is being applied in this context. Syntax and titles aside, I just love MINA.

Almadrio – More + (prod. Monte Booker)

The Monte Booker beat drew me to the track originally, I have yet to hear production work from him that didn’t bang extremely hard, in a soft jazzy way. I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Almadrio, and his well-developed flow and writing skills. It’s always a satisfying feeling to jump on a new bandwagon while their soundcloud following is still under 100. This time next month, I will be surprised if that number has not fluctuated wildly.

God’s Wisdom – “Beep Beep” feat. Lucy

“Beep Beep” is a rap song about cars that sounds nothing like any other rap songs about cars. The beat is some weird mix of Dean Blunt / James Ferraro hypnagogia, vaporwave, and elevator music (yes, vaporwave is different than elevator music). The rapping is done in a seven-syllable triplet scheme as many a Soundcloud star uses, but you may be too confused to even notice. The only thing that isn’t surprising about it is that it comes from the Dark World collective, which pumps out what could only be described as rap’s version of ’80s b-movie horror films. If you like your hip hop to have the ability to get your aux cord privileges taken away forever, “Beep Beep” is for you. Check it out below.

Metome – Come To Me

“Come To Me” taps into the power negative space, gradually descending into disorder as new sounds creep into the silence. No one hold me to this, but if I remember my 12th-grade Physics class correctly, this sounds like something called “entropy.”  
While you’re at it, check out the rest of Noumenal Loom’s wonderfully diverse collection of releases in Compilation 2. 

Nick Hook feat. Novelist – Can’t Tell Me Nothing

It’s been a hell of a year for grime. Earlier this year, Drake was signed to UK label BBK by co-founder Skepta who, several days ago, edged out both Radiohead and David Bowie for Britain’s Mercury Prize with his album Konnichiwa. In case you needed more proof that grime’s secured its place in the mainstream, 19-year-old MC, Novelist, recently linked up with New York-based producer Nick Hook (credited on 2014’s Certified Banger️ “Old English”) for “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” Nick Hook’s typically dense, complex instrumental is just hard enough to keep up with Novelist’s malicious delivery, coming together for yet another win for crossover grime.


Danny Brown – Really Doe (Featuring: Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt & Ab-Soul) (Prod by: Black Milk)

Danny Brown releases a new single titled “Really Doe” off of his new album Atrocity Exhibition featuring Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt and Ab-Soul. Danny Brown teased the song produced by Black Milk on his instagram Sunday and later had Hot 97’s Peter Rosenburg drop the world premiere of “Really Doe”. Danny Brown has worked with these group of artist before. Danny Brown has worked with Kendrick Lamar on A$AP Rocky’s song “1 Train”, also on Ab-Soul’s song “Ride Slow” featuring Earl Sweatshirt. Listen to “Really Doe” here.