Lincoln Hall With Lucki

Lucki, previously know as Lucki Eck$, coming off his recent tape FreeWave II took over Lincoln hall this past Friday with Warhol and many others. The show was nothing short of electric. These artists are keeping the culture alive and Chicago pride was definitely on display at the show. I walked away with story-telling visuals and a sense that the future of the Chicago rap game is not only in great hands but talented ones as well. Visuals provided below.

Wingtip- Need Me

Wingtip delivers another emotive track. Whenever possible I like to defer to the artist’s statement in lieu of using my own futile words.

I made this song in an empty apartment downtown, surrounded by boxes of my old stuff, feeling mixed and weird about leaving school and the world associated with it behind. The sound of a guitar in reverse for some reason always sounds kind of mournful and nostalgic to me, so putting it over this otherwise upbeat instrumental gave it this kind of bittersweet quality that just connected. Needing people and things and losing them is something that’s awesome and tough and sometimes you feel all of that at the same time.” – Wingtip

Nanosaur – 10 Squadd Commandments ft. @Squadda B

Everything be like connected n shit, I swear. Some day I will be a psychic and I’ll be able to see this shit coming. Yachty talkin’ bout how he couldn’t name 5 big or pac songs. I been singing Suicidal Thoughtz to myself w/o having heard the track in at least a year. Been bumpin’ Kodak’s Little Big Pac like it aint going out of style anytime soon…

Coming to you hot off Nano’s desktop, I’m pretty sure this track came together in something like 24 hours. Squadda B, aka Squadda Bambino, aka S-Q Bambeezy, I made last one up, he loves his lists. He loves to break it down for you real nice and simple. He delivers like a Murakami novel, talking all sorts of complexities in a way you can understand. He’s able to pay homage to big, while keeping that airy, space flow him and Mondre pioneered from day 1.

Damn tho, NanosauR really came through and laced up the perfect beat for this. The strings on the hook are perfect. The collaboration here seems like it was meant to be. After this, I’m convinced Nano should produce at least an EP with Main Attrakz. The lo-fi kings being so ideal for this production style.

Chapters 1 thru 5, uhhhhh, John Madden shit.

#9 “Feel whatcha feel, like whatcha feelin’ is real.”

There’s this other one, too, the latest project from Greenova South, Squadda, Pepperbox and Young God of Blue Sky Black Death teamed up on KRWU. The title track featuring Flipperacci, the freestyle king, houston’s one an only Lil Flip.

words by @jvckkennedy

Kid Froopy – bb (four missed texts)

From Nightcore Island to Moving Castle, the Kid is really making moves and proving himself to be a pop sensible force of nature.

“When I was making the track I was thinking about miscommunication and the things that go unsaid in relationships. A bad situation that hurts too good to turn away from. Some things don’t change… it’s strange.” ~ @kidfroopy

Existential Little Interviews Vol. 68: Kai Whiston

Do you worry about the heat death of the universe?

A bit. The overall goal of this whole music thing is for someone to discover my music through a windows movie maker lyric video with the white text on the dark blue background somewhere 50 years in the future. That’s the 2066 version of finding a dope record in the dollar bin at ur local oxfam 4 me.

What defines consciousness? Do you think other animals can be considered conscious creatures?

I just define consciousness as the literal term of the ability to be alive, physically aware and responsive. I think if everyone did that then communication between medical professionals and j-cole fans would be a lot more understandable.

Are you afraid that everything will happen?

Naw not rly although I do take it 4 granted that I’m around in a time where there’s still some stuff that needs doin. I will probably always give merit to anyone tryna do something new but I also have some respect for those that can study something and imitate well in a creative way. I think I read a cure for art-block to steal from 5 of ur favourite artists and try and make something as if they were all working on it. I do that sometimes. Hopefully 1 day someone will be able to study me and imitate me in a smarter way and do a good job, and this fuckin weird interview lol.

“I think, therefore I am” or “I am, therefore I think”?

I don’t think I am anything yet until I can feel good about contributing something cool to the planet earth but I’m slowly working on it. In an ideal world it will be something that I made in my bedroom on a strict diet of crisp sarnies and coke. If I had to chose tho I would probably choose “I am, therefore I think” because I don’t like putting myself above anything that can’t think. Don’t think anything I said made any sense tho so it’s whateva.

What do you think about this poem by Paul Celan (below)

Paul Celan

This poem really annoys me on a visual level as it’s not pushing the world of visual poetry forward. I only invest my time into poems that are in the shape of an 8-pointed star or better yet you can combine the first letter of each line to form a word!! My eyeballs ache within my skull as they are definitely above the average volume of eyeball so I can relate in that matter. Not really sure what the rest of it means because I still buy savers beans and I’ve never read The Quietus.

Charlotte Wilson – Where Do You Go

Remember that time every single cool new artist was from Toronto? Yeah, that’s still true. Canada’s own Charlotte Day Wilson turned heads earlier this year with her single release “Work”, the first single off her debut project CDW. Now, the rest of her EP is available for streaming on Soundcloud, and it’s making this gloomy Tuesday look up. Wilson effortlessly combines chillwave and R&B, creating a smooth sound to the likes of Beach House and Jessie Ware.

Catch her on tour this fall with fellow chillwavers Local Natives, and stream the album below. Don’t forget to cop the album August 26th.


A. Sarr – Sentimental <3 feat. Steph Wolf

This is probably the best She and Him cover I have ever heard. Producer A. Sarr and singer Steph Wolf have a full tribute album to Zooey Deschanel in the works. Just kidding, but according to Sarr, the duo “loved fucking up and distorting this heartbreaking song, and always found the original to be too sweet to relate to. No shots at Zooey though. 🙂 Feelings of desperation can hit us really intensely and we tried to recreate the song based along those lines.”

Adamn Killa & DP Beats – Mr. 650 The Mixtape

Adamn Killa and DP Beats come together on this carefully curated project ‘Mr. 650’ consisting of 9 stellar tracks. This is the first project from DP Beats coming off of his joint mixtape releases with Chief Keef and this is the second project release for Adamn this year. In my opinion – Adamn is gonna be rich as hell by 25, having inadvertently created a self-fulfilling prophecy on this album. With his laid back flow and playful lyricism, Killa is easily one of the coldest of Chicago’s latest crop of rising artists.