Feathers (ft. JBird) ~ esta.sucks

I think the most productive thing I’ve ever done on my birthday is eat an entire pizza by myself. Not the case for Soulection DJ/Producer ESTA, who dropped a three track EP yesterday on his 20-something birthday (point being he is yet another extremely talented, young dude). His instrumentals continue to woo us, with his effortless ability to fuse classic hip hop and electronic music into one dreamy flow.

Stream the EP below, and don’t sleep on that free download link.


Chason – Recollections

Chason’s Recollections recently premiered via Prime Fortune. The project paints a big picture highlighting the broad scope of sounds the 21 year old rapper/singer/producer has in his grasp. He moves with ease between pop, R&B and hip hop, and proves to be both a soulful singer and dexterous rapper. Chason and Drew Mantia produced most of the project with assistance from Jaro & Seer of Beach Jesus, Prof. Fox and The Physicist. 1833 recently premiered Chason’s Verluxe directed video for the single, “Back and Forth,” with a sultry feature by Taty. Additional features are by Angelenah, Gary Fowler and Kami. Will Miller of The O’My’s makes a great contribution with the horns on “Hard Sometimes.” Listen to Recollections and absorb the many feelings and moods Chason has created.

Wiki – Hate Is Earned (Prod. by Black Milk)

Wiki of New York’s Ratking linked with Detroit producer Black Milk for the single “Hate Is Earned.” The track is raw and pure funk, Wiki makes being the recipient of hate sound like a badge in this short track of fire. He promises more Wiki is coming soon.

“Any hate man, I won
I take it in like the sun
It’s like vitamin D to me
The hate make me a deity.”

Tatiana Hazel – Wavelengths EP (Prod. by Dantian Beats)

“I don’t want to see all the pain I’ve caused
Or others caused me
But if ignorance is bliss
I guess I’ll live in misery”
– “Ignorance Is Bliss”

19 year old singer-songwriter Tatiana Hazel released her impactful EP, Wavelengths, just before the holiday. It’s four tracks in length, and the sophisticated production is all by Dantian Beats. The project is modern, at times her expressive voice flutters and dances, yet there’s an earthy vibe as well. Her songwriting is direct and full of meaning. In “Karma” she sings the relatable words, “And I’m not saying that karma does exist, but if it does, I hope that karma is a bitch.” Elevator premiered her video for “Balance,” the lead single from the EP. I’ve enjoyed Tatiana’s collaborations with artists such as Kweku Collins, Ju and Melo, and it’s wonderful to hear a body of her solo work. Soulful and talented Tatiana Hazel is one to watch, enjoy her Wavelengths.

Tree – D DAY (Prod. by Roil)

“And I made off
Like I’m Madoff
To the playoffs
I didn’t layoff”

SoulTrap originator Tree keeps giving, he dropped a quintessential Tree track for Thanksgiving, “D Day,” and his rhythm is as impeccable as always. The triumphant sounding track is produced by Roil and credit to Andrew Zeiter for the cover photography. Listen to “D Day” and be grateful for Tree’s artistry.

Ric Wilson – The Sun Was Out EP

“This is the moment when they stop telling you to stop
But keep going and going and going”
“Be Golden”

There’s a moment In life when you find yourself naked on a porch and everything you thought you were before is stripped off of you and can either stay and freeze on the porch naked or walk off the porch as your new self. This is my walk. Inspired by Kirk Franklin’s Hello Fear and Ingrid Micahelson’s Be Ok, I present to you The Sun Was Out. – Ric Wilson

Chicago musician and prison abolitionist, Ric Wilson, dropped his sophomore project, The Sun Was Out EP , via DJ Booth. It is 8 tracks in length and overflows with positivity and optimism. Ric’s raps and lyricism shine brightly over production by Melaniac, GrizzRivers, James Gent, J.L.L., Shifts, Tessellated and Tsukudu. C$ features on the excellent single, “Be Golden.” Another stand out track for me is “Lost Soul,” which features Tasha Ashe. The EP closes with excellent vibes in the uplifting “How You Doing” produced by GrizzRivers & SHIFTS – Ric tells you, “I’m doing good,” and he certainly is with The Sun Was Out. Also check out Ric’s debut project, Penny Raps, and read about his views & activism via HipHopDX. Celebrate #BlackFriday the right way tonight with a performance by Ric alongside Malcolm London, Ethos & Thy Neighbors and Carl of Hurt Everybody at the Promontory.


Soundcloud Standouts Vol. 1 by Clever Tom of Internet Hippy

With the thousands upon thousands of songs that are uploaded onto the internet everyday, sometimes it can be quite a chore to wade through the trash to get to the treasure. Fortunately for you guys, I’m here to do the dirty work. In my new monthly column for 1833.fm, I (Clever Tom of Internet Hippy) am here to bring you five recently uncovered gems from the untapped mines of the soundcloud quarry. All tracks featured are from recently released projects by underground rappers, and each song stands out as a high mark in a field with zero barrier for entry. So if you’re sick and tired of digging through endless reposts on your cluttered soundcloud stream, just hear me out, and I’ll make sure to only bring you the best of the best when it comes to unsigned Internet MCs.

The $uicideboy$ are the hottest upcoming rappers on the scene right now, and with collaborative projects under their belts with Black Smurf, Pouya, and Ramirez already, it’s not hard to see why. Their well-groomed aesthetic, in-house beat and video production, and consistent release schedule, makes their music irresistible to teenage tumblr types, plus they’re just flat-out talented to boot. “Newport Reds” with Black Smurf is arguably their best best song to date, and with a catchy piano line and melodic flows to match, they’ve got an ear worm of a track that holds up upon repeated listens.