Quavius – To The Ville…

Lustwerk labelmate Quavius has been quietly self-releasing dusted warehouse gems from Jacksonville, Florida—recounting the vibes of steamy jimjilbangs and smoked out speakeasies with intimacy. His newest release To The Ville… is eight tracks that take you from Southside Blvd. to N. Myrtle in the earliest and latest hours, surveying foggy avenues and desolate turns with the low-beams turned off.

Shallows – Matter (BLU J Remix)

Canadian duo BLU J take on Shallows’ “Matter” and spin it into a moody, chilly midtempo track. It’s a subtle choice to play at the afterparty, but versatile enough to be worked into a mainstage set too. The “Matter” remix is yet another stellar recent addition to BLU J’s growing catalogue—listen to BLU J’s Soundcloud to hear more.


WholeTeam – WholeTeam 3

WholeTeam is a production collective native to Chicago which consists of young producers Mojek, Billa, A Billion Young, Timmy V, Zookeepa, Morimoto, and about 7 other up and coming artists who have all been woking overtime on new music! This year already we’ve gotten a release from Mojek with his “World of Mojek” EP and are looking forward to a Zookeepa release in mid May! Late last year, Morimoto and Billa both dropped projects that are growing in listens daily on soundcloud and today, the Team is giving us their freshest project which is a compilation of tracks featuring a little more than half of the collective. Though WholeTeam stays diverse in their exploration of responsive sounds, one thing that continually stays consistent is their love for dance. On their newest compilation “WholeTeam 3” the boys give us a little juke, a little house and move through more elusive rhythms that fluctuate through each artist’s interpretation of groove. It’s really amazing watching so much talent grow right before our eyes and as these Chicago artists continue to grow and hone their craft, we’re going to see yet another explosion and hopefully expansion into the beauty which is collaboration.


WholeTeam – WholeTeam 3

Dayate – Follow The Sunshine

Dayate is a member of Armada Records (Home to Armin Van Buuren & KRONO amongst others) & creates Chillout music. Which, if you are not aware of, the genre is a postmodern collage of House, Techno, and Ambient; the result if executed properly is probably going to sound something like “Follow The Sunshine”. Dayate lends hypnotic, whispered vocals and a beat that takes you along with it due to its slow but steady growth that moves just enough to well, keep you moving.

KRONO – First Kiss (Ft. Liljie)

KRONO is usually known for their grooving Deep House tracks. Listening to the latest joint “First Kiss”, you are also hit with a Chillhop influence  that gets your head nodding in the same syncopation that one would having listening to modern Hip Hop music. Liljie provides soothing vocals that really give the track a mellow go-go club like feel that set the tone. Listen above and be on the lookout for more KRONO.

Heavee – The Message

Chicago’s Heavee (formerly Heavee Dee), best known for his joint track with the late great DJ Rashad on FLYLO FM (GTA V), has recently released this stellar juke and footwork tape featuring heavy collaboration from fellow Tek Lifer, Deejay Earl.


DJ Earl x DJ Taye – Kant You See

A :shoe:  footwork track for the fall :maple_leaf:  :fallen_leaf:  The erratic drum patterns make you feel as if you are winding through an overgrown maze. It’s difficult to find your way  and the falling leaves cover your nike shoe prints as you try franticly to back track to your point of entrance. Kant you see it’s too late?