Karmah-Stove Top Painting

Okay, I’m seeing a connection between the album art and the fact that these tracks are extremely cookable- I am almost positive that Lil B would be proud. I’m also glad to know that twerking my wrist is acceptable and that I should no longer be ashamed. :egg: :iphone: :hotsprings:

BLACK KRAY – Ending Prayer (goth luv)

One of two videos that dropped today courtesy of Gucci Kray la Goth, shot and edited by MFK and Bootychaaain, straight outta Flexico. Goth Money affiliate Black Kray is accompanied by his signature hazy visuals and bucket hat, blowing smoke like it’s nobody’s business. I’ve never been on an acid trip, but I’m gonna make an ignorant/probably inaccurate assumption and say that this video is what an acid trip looks like. :cyclone: :dizzy: :smoking: :pill:

BLACK KRAY & JAYYEAH -Back to the Wi✞chhouse

Black Kray is underrated. The Goth Money Records affiliate has been dropping dopeness left and right since last year and has worked with a myriad of artists from Yung Sherman to Xavier Wulf. He’s also notorious for his highly-textured, hazy youtube videos that somewhat remind me of GLASS TEETH’s “Flesh Palace” and other witch-hauz classics (but even more chopped and lean-ish). This mixtape obviously reflects that influence in its title alone, but also in the sampling and murky, synth-laden drone backing Gucci Kray’s layered, muffled flows.

Responsible for the superb instrumentals is Long Beach ~GOTH BOY~ producer and Team SESH member Jayyeah, who has a sizable arsenal of releases himself, having produced Lil B’s “Thugs Pain” and numerous EPs of his own.

I feel like this mixtape embodies everything I like, particularly “Ratchet Goth.” You already know.
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