Knox Fortune – Lil Thing

Having guested on tracks with Chicago’s Chance the Rapper and Towkio, Knox Fortune does his own “Lil Thing” in this leisurely video. It’s got an intimate feel thanks to being shot on a Super 16 camera, in Knox Fortune’s former abode no less, and the song itself feels appropriately lived-in. “Lil Thing” is the perfect complement to a sun-faded summer day—listen in for yourself.

Francis and the Lights – May I Have This Dance (Remix) (Ft. Chance the Rapper)

Francis and the Lights drops the video to the remix of the song May I Have This Dance featuring Chance the Rapper. The song that first appeared on Francis and the Lights debut project Farewell, Starlight! Chance’s verse is a dedication to his daughter, Kensli, as he sing-raps about how much he cares for her and how he sees her family members in her. The video directed by Jake Schreier, features Chance and Francis dancing in a mirror to their signature dance that the performed to close out the show when they were on tour together.  Watch the video above.

Chance The Rapper – Same Drugs

Chance The Rapper is once again in the headlines. This time for the premiere of his “Same Drugs” video off his last album Coloring Book. The unprecedentedly famous unsigned artist was announced as a Grammy performer last week. Chance tweeted to let his fans know that he tried live streaming the premiere of the video via Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat live but was rejected. Facebook however agreed to the idea and premiered it on their live platform. The video all together is very warm with a retro look and in the end we’re presented with some snow gently falling as Chance is seen leaving the stage only to reveal the video was shot by a crew of muppets. Check the video out for yourself above.

Chance x Jeremiah – Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama

YAY! This present came early!

Everything Chance has touched this year has turned to gold. No difference here.

Using familiar tunes paired with relevant words, Chance and Jeremiah have given Christmas music a makeover and set a new bar for what it means to release a Christmas album.

Make sure to peep I’m Your Santa. It’s one for the steppers 🙂

Supa Bwe – Fool With It (ft. Chance The Rapper)

Supa Bwe, has been making major moves since the split of Hurt Everybody. He’s now part of a new group named “Fight Me” and has had a few headliner shows under his belt. Not only that but Supa also released his project “Dead Again 3” back in July, “Fool With It” is a cut from that project. The vocals on the songs are so amazing that I had it on replay for weeks after its release. Chance the Rapper adds a lot of depth to the song but Supa Bwe shines the hardest. He released the video and animation, done by Abel Gray, today as a birthday present to himself.

Joey Purp – GIRLS @ (feat. Chance The Rapper)

I’ve personally heard this track about a hundred times (courtesy of Knox Fortune) and I couldn’t be more pleased that it is finally out for the world to enjoy.

Joey Purp returns for the third single from his iiiDrops project with one of the bounciest songs I’ve heard in years in “GIRLS @”. Featuring hometown hero Chance The Rapper, fresh off the release of his highly praised Coloring Book, the track plays fun at looking for all the girls who have the all finer things. The SaveMoney duo lace hot bars over the infectious beat produced by Knox Fortune, with additional production from Peter Cottontale. I’m making this claim right now: This is THE Chicago rap song for Summer ’16.

If you aren’t excited for iiiDrops after these 3 singles…WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU???

The Culture (Dir. by Cole Bennett)

“People become so comfortable with their own lives and form perspectives resulting in them forgetting to look at anyone else’s. That right there is the premise of this documentary – to look at various perspectives which form a bigger picture… This documentary intentionally has no narrative for the reason that narratives create for a molded perspective, this is for you to build your own.” Cole Bennett

The Culture is the debut full length documentary by Lyrical Lemonade founder Cole Bennett. His contributions to Chicago’s music scene have already been significant, in addition to running Lyrical Lemonade, he’s presented shows, countless video recaps and a series of cyphers giving well deserved light to emerging rappers. Read more about him and his work in a recent interview with These Days News.

The Culture succeeds at capturing the present and important moment in Chicago hip hop, described by many as a renaissance, in a way that can only be achieved by talking to the people living here and making it happen. In a series of interviews with such luminaries as legendary rappers Twista, Do or Die, bop king DLow, Supa Bwe, Save Money’s Joey Purp and Dally Auston, Taylor Bennett, Lucki Eck$, musician & activist Ethos, producer Noah Sims, journalist Jake Krez and many more – the city’s music scene is depicted broadly and in a way that wasn’t fully covered in works like Noisey’s “Chiraq” or WSHH’s “The Field.”

The film doesn’t ignore the challenges here, the violence is addressed, and in a very personal way by Chicago Mayor Deputy Chief of Staff & father of Chance The Rapper and Taylor, Ken Bennett, who talks about the loss of Chance’s close friend, Rodney Kyles Jr., a philosophy student at Roosevelt University, and his profound impact on their lives. Even with our many problems, the feeling I took away from The Culture was one of pride. Listening to Closed Sessions’ Michael Kolar describing the citizenry and its tenacity and heartiness, Twista and more discussing our musical past and present, and hearing fire freestyles by Logan and Femdot, it’s without question that this community is still growing, and there will be much more to come. As Cole stated, “Whether it be next month, or 50 years down the road – there will never be another time like right now.” The Culture documents this moment, be sure to watch the film and see the bigger story of Chicago hip hop told by those that are living and creating it.

Taylor Bennett – Broad Shoulders (Prod. by Ludlow)

“Reach for your goal, hear what you’re told
Think that you know
See what you’re shown, watch it get old
Watch, it gets old”

Taylor Bennett’s long awaited debut album, Broad Shoulders, has arrived via Rolling Stone.. It’s a brilliant follow up to his strong mixtape from 2014, Mainstream Music. His growth is evident from the first track, the celebratory lead single, “Happy Place,” which features Brill. The album was produced entirely by Ludlow, and both rapper and producer should be proud of the organic process with which Broad Shoulders was created, all production is original and sample free. The project shows an older and more introspective side of Taylor, it also delivers a track that has been anticipated for years, a collab with his brother Chance. Their song is the title track, “Broad Shoulders,” it’s inspirational, conveys wisdom and speaks of growth & family. The song was worth the wait. I’m probably one of few who heard Taylor’s music before I knew of Chance, my son showed me his video, “Goldie,” several years ago before I knew about Chicago’s forthcoming hip hop renaissance, Taylor has come a long way. One of my other fav tracks is “Dancing in the Rain,” it’s a smooth, uplifting piece.The project was executive produced by Tay Bennett Entertainment, UPNORTH Music and co-executive-produced by Joseph Cabey. The artists featured include King Louie, Donnie Trumpet, Joey Purp, Jordan Bratton, Simone Bisous, Shay Lewis, Brandon Fox and more. The cover art is by Hebru Brantley. Catch Broad Shoulders live on Dec. 26 at Lincoln Hall, Taylor will be performing alongside Logan, Morocco Brown and DJ Oreo. Congratulations to Taylor Bennett on 12 months of hard work paying off with Broad Shoulders.

Chance The Rapper – Family Matters

Seeing as we’re Chicago-based, I highly doubt that I need to provide an introduction for Chance The Rapper. If there’s one thing he might be better at than making music it could possibly be his uncanny ability to tug at a listener’s heartstrings. His latest video/track, Family Matters, is a journey of sorts – mixing old home footage of Chance as a child with footage from the various music festivals and tours the young Chicago native has been on for what seems like forever. In this rendition of a Kanye West classic, Chance touches on just how important family is to him which we’ve seen him do before, but the feeling is probably elevated now that he is a brand new father.

Watch Chance The Rapper put his, and The Social Experiment‘s, spin on a Kanye West classic above.

WORSEBEHAVIOUR (dir. Peter Campbell)

It’s always pleasing to see a plethora of artist development in Chicago, but sometimes what is forgotten are the people who provide musical artists with a visual platform for their art. A good videographer is essentially priceless, as we’ve seen from the success of Chicago directors like Austin Vesely and Elijah Alvarado lately, but many of these directors have aspirations higher than the music videos they do so well.

Today, another of Chicago’s underground heavyweights, Peter Campbell, presents to us his first ever short film entitled WORSEBEHAVIOUR. The short, which lasts about 9 minutes, is a wild ride of a kidnapping with a bit of humor peppered in there. If you’re a fan of Chicago music, you’ll notice some notable cameos Peter has thrown in there, including a Towkio interview and a soundtrack scored by Frank Leone. Stream above. Cheers.

BJ The Chicago Kid Feat. Chance The Rapper & Buddy – Church

“She say she wanna drink, do drugs & have sex tonight, but I got church in the mornin’

Hopefully we can go to heaven – I pray”

This is all you need this morning. “Church” is the lead single from BJ The Chicago Kid’s upcoming album In My Mind. BJ contemplates temptation, his lovely voice and natural flow are at home on this smooth song. Buddy and Chance add more to the story. It was masterfully mixed by L10. Listen to “Church” and be on the lookout for In My Mind.