Qari – Space Jam (prod. Mulatto)

After flooding the internet last night, Qari and Mulatto finally dropped the awaited, Space Jam. It’s HERE, and its beautiful! For real, Mulatto and Qari are a producer/artist match made for the future. So genuine.

Space Jam just fucking flowwssss. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear something with originality.

This entire project was very well crafted. From the visuals to the sounds, the entire package displays a well thought out vision that was successfully brought into fruition.

Qari, Mulatto, the entire team, should be proud of Space Jam. If you haven’t listened, do it now!


theWHOevers – R U DOWN (Backpackers Remix)


Je$$e and Lloyd have put their fan favorite song up for remix. Among the latest submissions is this one from The Backpackers. This remix is heavy on the keyboard, lounge-feels and allow Je$$e’s acapella to shine through, something that goes unnoticed in the original.

Enjoy the theWHOevers – R U DOWN (Backpackers Remix) below!

Chance x Jeremiah – Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama

YAY! This present came early!

Everything Chance has touched this year has turned to gold. No difference here.

Using familiar tunes paired with relevant words, Chance and Jeremiah have given Christmas music a makeover and set a new bar for what it means to release a Christmas album.

Make sure to peep I’m Your Santa. It’s one for the steppers 🙂

Basecamp – In Stone (VALENTINE Remix)

On first listen, Valentine’s version of In Stone is a solid chill-bass track, and I found myself yearning to be under the bright lights and lasers. With just enough bass to get my head bobbing and body swaying, paired with effects delivering all the feels, this one is a definite crowd-pleaser.

Upon comparison to the original, I liked that Valentine did not stray too far from the initial vibe and instead used it to drive his creative process: something I look for in good remix. With bells and whistles in all the right places, I believe that this remix has outdone the original, and its available for free download! 

DTarp – Time Travel

Step into the world of DTarp: one man band/producer. This man’s Soundcloud includes a wide array of eccentric sounds including a funk jam complete with the distinctive high pitch bubbly voice any Funkadelic fan would recognize.

This particular track takes you through mystical and adventurous lands with its muddled and unconventional bass lines and at times you may find yourself in a Scott Pilgrim-esque fight scene accompanied by his commanding arpeggios. No matter where the tune takes you, you will always find yourself right back where you started. Those fuckin loops, I’ll tell ya. #timetravelerproblems

Quotes – Gemineye feat. Je$$e

Just last week, I was sitting at the bar with my whiskey on the rocks, minding my own business, when in walks Quotes. I hadn’t seen him in a minute, but I had never seen him like this. With a confidence like no other, he walked up to the bartender pulled out two revolvers and told him to empty the drawer.  Before he had the chance to respond, Je$$e strolls in, bag in hand. He looks at Quotes almost to say, “Let’s go crazy.” As the two left with their loot, struttin’, bouncin’, if you will, I sipped my whiskey and thought to myself, “Hm. Two sides to everyone, I suppose.”

This song played the entire time.

LOL. But for real, Quotes, who you may recognize from Retrospect, just dropped his first solo EP, and it’s real good.

Suburban Kid McFly is a must listen with tracks produced by Je$$e, BrandUn DeShay, and Matt Audio Dope and features from Lloyd Dotdot, Brand New and Def Poet. The EP was recorded mixed and mastered by Darwin at Classick Studios. Clearly a team effort, I think they should all be proud of this seven track wonder.

On Gemineye, Quotes talks about coming from the side of town where the grass is greener and perhaps nods to the judgement or stigma that can come with such a residence. Undeterred by the stigma, Quotes seems to just be doin’ this thing.

Je$$e – Merry X-Mas

This holiday szn Je$$e, of theWHOevers, gifts us a soulful rendition of this Christmas classic that I can only imagine he recorded in his cheeriest of turtleneck sweaters. As his fans know, Je$$e’s talents do not halt at producing and rapping and this half of the duo has spent more and more time singing as his career has progressed. His voice has developed over time, and I am interested to see what the new year brings for him as the two have nodded at doing more solo stuff in 2017.

Complete with an album cover of J [tiny tot version] receiving perhaps the present that started it all, this one is only available for another 19 days, so listen while you can ya FILTHY animals.