Review: Bones – Skinny

Written by: Jack Kennedy

“Back again with somethin’ new to hate.” Bones dropped Skinny earlier this month, the newest installment in his mixtape series. For the most part, it’s everything you could want from a Bones release. At this point Th@ Kid is over the experimental stage; his light is really starting to shine through the darkness of the underground scene.

Over the years you could definitely hear his sound evolving. Dropping as many mixtapes as he did last year will have that effect on an artist. You simply won’t catch the kid on his heels at this point, always on his toes, always anticipating his next move.

You don’t know Bones, thinking this rap shit is easy. It’s like, “People think they can do what I do because people think anyone can do what I do.” Well, that’s probably not the case. There are plenty lines dedicated to this subject on Skinny. I don’t see Bones really taking any of this personally; he’s just stating the facts. The intro track kind of says it all, “Are you satisfied?”

If I were a certain v-blogger I might get my panties ruffles over the content enclosed, the short tracks, or delivery. It’s sort of like trying to explain Based God to a non-believer, or explaining the rules of Catan to someone that’s never played. Where do you even start?

Everybody wanna be dead but they don’t wanna die

Everybody wanna be us but I’d do the same I aint gonna lie

Hollister Jeans might be my favorite track at the moment. I’m a sucker for that signature mumble flow, the vocal mix is 100% lit. The best is when the original flow is backed by a different flow entirely, drowned in reverb.  Doubled vocals are so in right now.

The production makes the record air tight, entirely cohesive. Greaf and other SE$H producers featured have Bones’ sound locked down. I think we’ll be seeing more producers pop up trying to imitate this sound. That’s all good and well, just remember who paved the lane, who showed you the way. Greaf is arguably the best producer for Bones right now, if you don’t believe me go and check that SurrenderDorothy project. It’s a whole ‘nother side project from Bones where he’s singing over some slower tempo stuff; melt to it, it’s highly recommended.

The fans are loyal, they’re not picky, they’re just happy to get new music from Bones and the SE$H squadron. I think Skinny should keep the cult-like fan base happy in the meantime. If not, quite frankly I’m not sure what you want from the kid… and it really doesn’t matter because it’s not about you! Be thankful for what you get. That’s sort of what Skinny is about.