Kelela- Enemy [Prod. Nguzunguzu]

Strong vocals x an uber-fierce instrumental. :facepunch:
And it’s dancey. :dancers:

Raised in Maryland, Kelela moved to L.A. a few years ago in hopes of making it. Her debut release “CUT 4 ME” drops October 1st on Fade To Mind, featuring production by UK hard-hitters like Girl Unit and Jam City, as well as U.S. label affiliates like Kingdom and super-duo Nguzunguzu. Genres seem to be a thing of the past; Kelela appeals to both bassheads and Brandy fans, and anyone in-between who can appreciate a talented singer telling it like it is, who sonically, keeps us guessing. Subscribe to download “CUT 4 ME” when available~ :scissors: :scissors: :scissors: ~

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