Dylan Ross – The Castle Of Depression

Team Sesh member and Handsome Boys rep, Dylan Ross, is unlike anyone in the business. His new record, The Castle Of Depression, is a continuation of the style founded in his previous release, Drip Day Afternoon.

Everything that made DDA stand out has been amplified on this record: the beat selection is remarkably consistent despite the wide array of producers involved – including Debars, TX Knicca, various Sesh members and Dylan Ross himself. Ross’s  rapping has increased in lyrical ferocity and delivery, contrasting this with dark and solemn songs exclusively sung. Even the carefully thought out use of features in DDA has been taken to the extreme; this time showcasing a Bones feature that few others are likely to get.

Ridiculous funky jams, careful mixture of prowess with style and a very witchy Billy Idol cover are just some of the wonders waiting for you in The Castle Of Depression. Take the journey and zag to the max.  :open_hands:   :weary:  :japanese_ogre: