Manus – DSGD

Manus is a cool good dude whose song “DSGD” is great for getting through Hump Day (at least it is for me). The story behind the track’s interesting too—”Trading lyrical gunplay for virtual gameplay, Manus’ second single ‘DSGD’ playfully relates being an individualist, and making the best of the situation. While ‘the drug store’ itself may be a metaphor for wherever we might turn to ease the stressful lives we lead, Manus gives us a glimpse of how life could be if we choose to count our blessings, so to speak.”

Connect with Manus and listen to his other cool good tracks.


Murlo – Velvet & Rust

I am not-so-secretly Murlo’s biggest fangirl, and had to share this new track off his Club Coil EP with y’all. “Velvet & Rust” is a perfect fusion of genres: R&B, reggaeton, and electronica all weave together in this beautifully emotional sonic tapestry. It’s introspective and moody, but wistful too—a great track to play while you’re crying in the club. The whole of Murlo’s Club Coil is excellent, but “Velvet & Rust” stands out for its understated authenticity. You can listen for yourself by streaming the entirety of the EP here. 

mntjy – her note

Costa Rican producer mntjy’s debut album her note may be the best example of the power that the internet has in 2016. It’s loaded with post-regional sounds, combining the lonely, unsettling atmosphere of hypnagogic pop artists like Dean Blunt & James Ferraro with the murky r&b of acts like PARTYNEXTDOOR and DVSN. Paying homage to his birthplace, he also tops it off with both English and Spanish vocals and samples over the beats. It’s one of the few alternative pop releases that takes a new angle on the genre, one that’s been worn to death over the past few years. her note is a must-listen for anyone looking for a starker, stranger take on the nocturnal sound that dominates radio stations and playlists across the country. Listen to her note below.

Liss – “First” EP

There’s a few reasons that you should be excited about the future of Danish teenage band Liss. First, their music is fantastic, flowing seamlessly through multiple genres (synth-pop and funk, R&B, art pop) and are capable of the ability to stir emotion from listeners while also keeping everything simple enough to be an earworm. They’re also signed to XL Records, which at this point is basically a major label without all (notice I said ALL) the constraints of an actual major label. But above all, they bring a sense of freshness into the indie pop scene. Liss doesn’t really sound like anyone, and in the current indie scene there’s this really bad sickness going around called Everybody Just Sounds The Fucking Same. Liss has finesse, swag, and can come through with a strong, unique pop song. More than enough reason to believe you’ll be hearing more about these boys later on. Listen to lead single “Sorry” below. the First EP is available on iTunes, Amazon and all major streaming services.


ROY – “Thunder”


Roy is not unlike many of his peers currently working in the pop-leaning side of the underground hip-hop and R&B. His latest, “Thunder”, showcases a strong sense of sunny melancholy reminiscent of the more recent, mature work of Childish Gambino. self-produced with help from Joba & bear / face (both of who have essentially mastered this type of sunset-at-the-beach production through their work with LA-by-way-of-Texas group Brockhampton), the song itself moves through a series of parts, starting off with a simple pop-rap tune depicting what seems to be a recent breakup, and then slowly transitioning into an instrumental finish that could’ve fit right into a song from a mid-00s indie rock band. After proving that he can pull off a track this ambitious and beautiful this early into his career, Roy is definitely a young artist that deserves your attention now and in the future. Follow Roy on Twitter @roydanmab.

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Different Sleep – Last Nerve EP

The highs and lows of Different Sleep‘s Last Nerve EP are staggering. The San Diego native turned Chicago resident (now turned L.A. resident) isn’t a producer who adheres to one style or genre. On this release, his second with L.A. label Friends of Friends, there are no two tracks that sound the same.

The EP starts with “Night Depository”, a track which sounded to me like the eerie entrance to some type of mystical reggaeton action/adventure game. It’s structure is spacey and light, but the tracks drums add an extra bit of intensity that echos throughout the whole EP. “Lost Profit”, featuring vocalist Angelina Lucero, is a more typical sounding Different Sleep record, with obvious trance influences scattered in his production. “Movement” however, is my favorite track. As someone who has been following Different Sleep’s music closely over the last 4 years, it makes me giddy whenever he takes a crack at making a more intense sounding track. “Movement” is exactly that. If “Night Depository” is the intro track to Different Sleep’s hypothetical reggaeton video game, “Movement” is the games boss level track.

Different Sleep’s Last Nerve EP is a defining release for the young producer. We’ve seen him virtually dominate the Majestic Casual YouTube channel over the years, but this is his graduation from simple internet producer. The range exhibited by Different Sleep on this project shows his incredible music taste as well as his knowledge and skill to tie different genres into his musical creations.

You can purchase Different Sleep’s Last Nerve EP on iTunes here.

Kehlani – Tore Up (Produced by Jahaan Sweet)

The past month in music has been an emo girl’s wet dream, between Adele’s 25, Jeremih’s Late Nights, and now Kehlani’s newest release “Tore Up.” Kehlani’s grind has been nonstop this year – she dropped this song while in Paris on her first European tour, and it’s already racked up 300k plays on Soundcloud in two days. Producer Jahaan Sweet is no stranger to the Kehlani sound, as he led production on Kehlani’s You Should Be Here Mixtape – arguably one of the best R&B mixtapes of 2015.

This is the anthem for all of your heartbreaks and aches, for the ones who got away and the ones we pushed away. Totally adding this to my crying playlist. Stream below and pull out that bottle of whiskey.

Jeremih – Late Nights

If you’re wondering why I’ve been crying at my desk, it’s because Jeremih dropped a new album, Late Nights. Hopes were set high when Jeremih announced this would be the sequel to his Late Nights with Jeremih mixtape released in 2012, which pretty much rocked everyone’s r&b fantasy world. His next mixtape N.O.M.A. (Not On My Album) dropped in 2014, which previewed all the songs that wouldn’t make the next album (which, don’t get it twisted, were still dope), held us over until this blessed day. He attributes the delay in his album release to personal reasons – but we ain’t even mad when the end result is this good.

Producers on the tracks include legendary names such as LondonOnDaTrack, DJ Mustard, and Mick Schultz – and a personal favorite from Tink ft. Jeremih track “Don’t Tell Nobody,” Da Internz.

I am literally in a loss for words for how much this album has me deep in my feelings. Move over, Adele.

1833 Premiere: Lenner Slett – This Song

“Have you seen how some songs are wrong(?)
We write stories, except for people writing unconceded”

Lenner Slett is a young Norwegian singer/songwriter who makes Indie Pop music that is both thoughtful and catchy. Largely inspired by Frank Ocean and American music he has known the english language since he was a young boy, showcasing it in his impressive stanzas that are full of lyrical depth and abstract concepts. Even more impressively not only did Mr. Slett write and sing on this track, he produced it all himself as well. This is something of his formal debut though he has released a few other demos on his soundcloud that are what initially caught our attention. Listen above to a young talent who is going to steal the worlds hearts.

Lido & Santell – The Passion Project

Your Monday just got a little less shitty, as Lido has blessed us with his very first EP. The 23 year old Norwegian hip hop artist/producer/songwriter also known as Trippy Turtle has worked with big names such as Cashmere Cat and Chance the Rapper. However, this EP is a change from his usual dance track vibe and immerses us in an unfamiliar sultry, sexy world that makes you wanna turn on the fireplace and Netflix and chill. The EP features singer Santell, whose smooth voice adds the perfect R&B touch to make this playlist cuddle-turn up music from beginning to end.

Listen to it by yourself while you get ready in your freakum dress, listen to it with your boo thing to kick off cuffing season properly, or listen to it at the end of your shitty day. Either way, your ears are in for a treat.

Courtlin Jabrae – Don’t (Bryson Tiller Freestyle) –

Don’t call me when he start messin’ up
Girl, don’t play with my head

“This ain’t no secret, it’s the remix,” Courtlin Jabrae takes on “Don’t” by Bryson Tiller. The video concept is cohesive with Tiller’s original video as well. Jabrae introduces the visual by saying he sent it to Bryson who responded, “Bro, that was hard.” And it is, the video was shot by Reginald and directed by Fya Man and Swirve. Courtlin has a voice and style that I always appreciate. He’s a musician to watch, “Don’t” sleep.