Denzel Curry & Deniro Farrar – Bow Down

The great thing about the reemergence of the “trill” sound over the past 3 or so years is the perfect blend of introspective storytelling and straight gangsta shit that spews from the ones on the forefront. Both Denzel Curry (hailing from Carol City, Florida) and Deniro Farrar (who calls Charlotte, North Carolina home) are coming off of probably the biggest year of their careers, one that established both as clear standouts of this new generation of hardcore hip-hop and members of the aforementioned forefront.

Bow Down is their first meeting on digital wax and while both bring their A-game (it’s hard for both not to), Deniro Farrar steals the show. On the track’s hook, he claims “OG niggas call me big bruh knowing God damn well that they older than me” and the funny thing is when you look at his track record there is no reason not to believe him. His flow is also a very welcome departure from a lot of his mixtape work as he turns up the tempo while still mainting his vivid grimy imagery that is now his trademark. Bow Down is 2014’s first great hip-hop collaboration and it’s no surprise that it involves these guys.