BLACK KRAY & JAYYEAH -Back to the Wi✞chhouse

Black Kray is underrated. The Goth Money Records affiliate has been dropping dopeness left and right since last year and has worked with a myriad of artists from Yung Sherman to Xavier Wulf. He’s also notorious for his highly-textured, hazy youtube videos that somewhat remind me of GLASS TEETH’s “Flesh Palace” and other witch-hauz classics (but even more chopped and lean-ish). This mixtape obviously reflects that influence in its title alone, but also in the sampling and murky, synth-laden drone backing Gucci Kray’s layered, muffled flows.

Responsible for the superb instrumentals is Long Beach ~GOTH BOY~ producer and Team SESH member Jayyeah, who has a sizable arsenal of releases himself, having produced Lil B’s “Thugs Pain” and numerous EPs of his own.

I feel like this mixtape embodies everything I like, particularly “Ratchet Goth.” You already know.
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