Zach Weezyy’s List of 2k14

2014 was a year. Some people thought it was really whack and other people still think that it was a good year. Those people are right because so many truths exist. Personally, I think all years are years, but this is what 2014 seemed like to me.

In 2014 I found out that I like jazz (thanks Haruki),


and everyone’s best friend CHAZZZY turned comedic mashups into a high art form.


Guy Akimoto and the rest of Manicure Records made people fall in love.


My hero, Chief Keef, had a tumultuous year –  he was dropped from Interscope and he was arrested a lot. However, not all his changes were negative, Keef’s new career as a producer is one I plan to follow with the closeness. His career as a legal weed distributor is one that makes me smile,


and the homie Young Chop Beats did some cool ass things.


Channeling the god Spark Master Tape, I barely ever left the house.


Black Kray was on some other shit, as always.


I got these songs stuck in my head thanks to Teen Witch Fan Club’s twitter.


This album soothed my soul to sleep more than a few nights,


and T-Pain and Lil Wayne both decided they were still rock stars.


I told Nicky Hilton about Health Goth (before it was an official piece of pop culture lexicon).


Diplo and TY Dolla Sign did this for pop music and


PC Music got really famous. Really really famous. <3


Most importantly was Young Thug. He is my Time’s Man of the Year. Time Magazine is sometimes cool and sometimes lame. Young Thug is always cool.


UK Grime had a huge renaissance.


This song cheered me up a few times.


Our lord and savior, Kanye West, made #marriedwave a thing, while


Ryan Hemsworth showed us a lot of sweet stuff through his Secret Songs Showcase.


I had some issues.


but I fell in love too (with this song).


This guy had a big year.


Though, Mick Jenkins gave us a lot of think about


it was a quiet year from this (soon-to-be) legendary duo.


The remix game was murdered.


ARCA had a big release


and Fifty Grand started getting some serious attention.


Also, I guess people stopped selling molly.

I guess lastly, these two Americans (Miles and MMona) made a j-pop banger. (and took it off soundcloud)

Other stuff probably happened too but I was asleep.

CurtisHeron & Friends- 5 AM Vol​.​2

Following BONES’s release of #PAIDPROGRAMMING yesterday, TeamSESH producer CurtisHeron dropped his own project titled 5 AM Vol. 2, a 13-track collection of original sounds (and a multitude of collabs). The album is diverse in its features, which include the likes of Lofty305, DJ Smokey, Black Kray, and several other familiar innanet talents. Formerly known as SaavageBeatz, CurtisHeron succeeded in expanding his horizons on this latest release, resulting in something a little different and essentially experimental, as he’d hoped for. :pray: :alien: :milky_way:

BLACK KRAY – Ending Prayer (goth luv)

One of two videos that dropped today courtesy of Gucci Kray la Goth, shot and edited by MFK and Bootychaaain, straight outta Flexico. Goth Money affiliate Black Kray is accompanied by his signature hazy visuals and bucket hat, blowing smoke like it’s nobody’s business. I’ve never been on an acid trip, but I’m gonna make an ignorant/probably inaccurate assumption and say that this video is what an acid trip looks like. :cyclone: :dizzy: :smoking: :pill:

BLACK KRAY & JAYYEAH -Back to the Wi✞chhouse

Black Kray is underrated. The Goth Money Records affiliate has been dropping dopeness left and right since last year and has worked with a myriad of artists from Yung Sherman to Xavier Wulf. He’s also notorious for his highly-textured, hazy youtube videos that somewhat remind me of GLASS TEETH’s “Flesh Palace” and other witch-hauz classics (but even more chopped and lean-ish). This mixtape obviously reflects that influence in its title alone, but also in the sampling and murky, synth-laden drone backing Gucci Kray’s layered, muffled flows.

Responsible for the superb instrumentals is Long Beach ~GOTH BOY~ producer and Team SESH member Jayyeah, who has a sizable arsenal of releases himself, having produced Lil B’s “Thugs Pain” and numerous EPs of his own.

I feel like this mixtape embodies everything I like, particularly “Ratchet Goth.” You already know.
:secret: :bust_in_silhouette: :waxing_crescent_moon: :syringe: