As the #THRAXXHOUSE movement trudges *valiantly* along, so does our interview series. This week we caught up with Nedarb Nagrom, thraxx producer and all around badass working out of Los Angeles.

Firstly, What is thraxx to you? (What does it mean for you to be a piece of the movement, what do you guys hope to accomplish, what brought you together)

NN: Thraxxhouse is a collective of creatives. We all have basically the same goal: to glo up. To be apart of the Thraxxhouse movement is truly incredible. People seem to be fucking with us lately which is weird because no one gave a fuck about me like 6 months ago. I mean, no one REALLY cares that much, cause I’m still broke. but yeah, you feel me. it’s dope. It’s cool to surround yourself with people who are all just tryna glo, it’s fly. What brought us together (well me, personally) was Mackned & Key Nyata. Before I joined, Thraxxhouse was just the Seattle homies. I was the first dude outside of Seattle to join. I sent the beat for Roswell by Mackned to them, and they fucked with it and must have recognized my passion for this shit then asked me to join. What brings us together is kicking it in real life in the same house whether it be in LA or Seattle. Most of us just be with each other no sus like 24/7. I’ve shared probably every meal, case of beers and pack of cigarettes with Horse Head since I met him. That’s the broe. We just look out for each other. Honestly, this music shit comes second when it comes to Thraxxhouse. Real connection with each member comes first. We just lookout for each other. turn up.

Give us your brief commentary on the state of hip hop these days (drake – love him or hate him, kendrick lamar is he a douche, goth money records what’s up with them)

NN: I don’t care. I’m just trying to focus on myself. I think hip hop is amazing right now, some of the most creative stuff is being made. I fuck with Drake heavily, I fuck with Kendrick heavily. Goth Money Records makes some of the most creative music i’ve heard in a minute. Thraxxhouse in la stays slappin Kray & Hunned Mill especially (their merch game is on point). They are just all around real creative people and real ass dudes. shout out Goth Money.
What do you as an individual bring to thraxx house that no one else does?
NN:  I might have $5 on it.

What sources of inspiration do you draw from for your production work (be creative! tv shows, movies, visual art, music, articles, books it all affects us)

NN: I get a lot of inspiration from specific people such as Rory Ferreira, also known as Milo. shout out Hellfyre Club. That’s my day one brother. He’s the most creative person I know, definitely a huge influence. Lately, I’ve been influenced a lot By Grouper. Liz Harris is just incredible. I wanna make music like her. to keep it real when I started making beats (this past january) i wanted to make a mix of like Clams Casino & Lex Luger(haha). I felt like Clams just had the most passionate beats I’ve heard in the past few years and I don’t care if that sounds cliche or unoriginal. When I first heard Clams back in 2009 thru songs with Lil B, it was like what the fuck I’ve never heard anything like this before. Plus he was the first producer that sampled the band Thursday (which is one of my favorite bands, i have their logo tatted on my arm). I also take a lot of influence from old emo/post hardcore bands such as Armor for Sleep, Senses Fail, From First to Last, Taking Back Sunday & Brand New. I just try to make music that you can “feel” something to.

Alright, lastly recommend 3 Thraxx tracks you don’t think our blog readers can live without: