In our second THRAXXHOUSE interview, we got a few sparse words from producer, JAYYEAH. 

Firstly, What is thraxx to you? (What does it mean for you to be a piece of the movement, what do you guys hope to accomplish, what brought you together)

JY: Thraxx is family.

Give us your brief commentary on the state of hip hop these days (drake – love him or hate him, kendrick lamar is he a douche, goth money records what’s up with them)

JY: Fuck hip-hop.

What do you as an individual bring to thraxx house that no one else does?

JY: Weed & salmon.

What sources of inspiration do you draw from for your production work (be creative! tv shows, movies, visual art, music, articles, books it all affects us)

JY: Harmony Korine movies & everyday life.

Alright, lastly reccommend 3 Thraxx tracks you don’t think our blog readers can live without: