THRAXXHOUSE Interviews, Vol. 1: Keyboard Kid

In the first installment of our ongoing conversation with the many artists and producers of THRAXXHOUSE, we sit down with the basedworld legend Keyboard Kid.

Firstly, What is thraxx to you? (What does it mean for you to be a piece of the movement, what do you guys hope to accomplish, what brought you together)

KBK: First off as an OG and Founding Father in #BASED Culture, to me Thraxx is like  one of the elements that makes up #Based It’s The Swag. It’s the  feelin u get when u have reached a fine understanding of what it means to be #Based. U got to have studied Lil B “I’m Thraxx” to know. Very Pure.

Give us your brief commentary on the state of hip hop these days (drake – love him or hate him, kendrick lamar is he a douche, goth money records what’s up with them)

KBK:As far as rap these days, it’s cool… Thraxx and #Based the rawest doin it. The game mainstream tho, I feel like it need more Thraxx and Original #Based and less knock off of what us young niggas started #TYBG. As far as cats like Drake, he’s cool, he jus need to come get some of this real swag. I heard Keyboard elements in his intro to NWTS. Kendrick dope. I honestly keep to myself and stay in my lane.

What do you as an individual bring to thraxx house that no one else does?

KBK: I bring true #Based and #Thraxx (to  the house). I been Thraxx and I fuck with my young homies doing it, they dope – and I just wanna see us win. They wanted me to be a part of it and I respect it. I’m just bringin that #BASEDINTHERAIN #BASEDWORLD Yung Namor.. Shit.. God Shit. I make classics.

What sources of inspiration do you draw from for your production work (be creative! tv shows, movies, visual art, music, articles, books it all affects us)

Man I draw inspiration from life on all levels.. I am the trees.. the water.. the wind.. the air. I am just trying to be at one with Earth – thas my inspiration. My family, anime, video games, women, books, everything. I just zone out when I make music. I just do me.

Damn, so based. Alright, lastly reccommend 3 Thraxx tracks you don’t think our blog readers can live without: