The Internet-Feel Good

Neo-psychedelic-soul x jazz-funk, basically.

Two years after their debut album made waves, The Internet’s highly anticipated sophomore album’s officially been released. Syd tha Kid’s light, soulful vocals take the spotlight this time around, but they don’t overshadow the band’s funkadelic instrumentation. Matt Martian provides additional vocals, while Tay Walker (keys), Patrick Paige (bass guitar), and Christopher Smith (drums) comprise the rest of the band. Yuna makes a guest appearance on “Sunset,” and to my surprise, Mac Miller sort of sings on “Wanders of the Mind.” The Internet’s sound has undoubtedly evolved since Purple Naked Ladies in that the vocals are more developed and that the vibe is quite different, but they’re still recognizably chilled-out.

The goal of this album was clear- to make *feel-good* music, plain and simple. Relax, man. :sunglasses:

Support by buying the album on iTunes y’all :musical_keyboard: :guitar: :microphone:

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