Team Supreme: Vol 99

“This week’s rules and stems for “Omut” were provided by the artist HAARPS and the STYLSS record label

Link to the original track:

BPM: 115

Artists on this week’s roster:
Nalepa: @nalepa
Cer Spence: @cerspence
Deffie: @deffiedeff
Mosis: @mosis1
TMO: @a-lab-1
Coast: @wearecoast
Mr MPH: @mrmph
Burke: @spaceghostburke
DMND CVTTER: @dmndcvtter
Service Lab: @servicelab
The Hi-Yahs: @thehi-yahs
ELLWHY: @ellwhy
Feki: @henry-feki
Misc Friend: @miscfriend