Team SESH- Cracker

Only one month after SCUMBAG‘s release, Bones is at it again. Cracker is a collection of 20 short tracks that share his previous album’s dismal, somewhat mild vibe, but there’s more variance when it comes to the genre-bending. I’d say that SESH is its own genre-Bones is undoubtedly expressing himself how he wants without trying to fit a mold.

The Graveyard God’s singing voice that we were introduced to on SCUMBAG¬†is still very present on Cracker, especially in “Shampoo,” a boy-band-esque ballad with a beat. He really wails, man. Then we have tracks reminiscent of CREEP‘s “Whitenoise” such as “Thorns,” which samples melancholy guitar riffs from La Dispute’s “A Letter” beneath Bones’s pleas to a certain someone. “WhereTheSideWalkEnds” and “Backroads” start off sounding like old Blink-182 songs, but Bones’s raps and heavy bass switch it up to create his own style as he does with every track. The post-hardcore vibe continues with “ClayAiken,” a contrasting mixture of flows and vocal frying (almost). Wasn’t expecting that, but this kid’s diversity showcases his fearlessness and lack of a fuck to give. I must say, I’m really feeling the guitar sampling.

But don’t get it twisted- Th@ Kid’s signature flow remains uncompromised no matter what direction his music takes.


Getting back to that 90s underground influence, the one and only Gangsta Boo joins Bones on “UndergroundLegends,” establishing that this album still goes hard in spite of the soft spots. The same can be said for “Moshpits,” featuring Hollow Squad captain and compadre Xavier Wulf. “I don’t need a fuckin’ glock to take away your fuckin’ dreams.” Belee dat.

It’s clear that the 19-year-old phenom and his team draw influences from jazz to r&b to punk to infinity and beyond. Every SESH-affiliated producer is crucial. I’ve never seen someone drop album-after-album the way Bones does. Consistency, “a flow like water,” and a team who always delivers gorgeous backdrops can’t really fail. ¬†CRACKER is the most pleasant, interesting, gloom-and-doom I’ve heard in a while. There’s no question as to why his following has grown so rapidly. Click here to download. :skull: