Deephead Feat. Tree – Music For Girls (Prod. by Cannonhead x SkinDeep)

Montreal musicians Deephead link with Tree for the chill and dreamy single, “Music For Girls.” Tree serenades here, while remaining true and real over production by cannonhead and SkinDeep. This is only the second track by the collective Deephead, their first release was the well received “Drugs 2.” They are off to a great start. Don’t let the name “Music For Girls” fool you, this track is for anybody that enjoys quality raps.

Noah Sims – Testament

“Whatever direction a song goes, my intention is to connect, whether I’m in love or angry, I try to transcribe that feeling with sound. When I really focus on the music, I see different shapes and colors; figures, people, even memories that become a bit distorted, almost like thinking back on a dream.”

19 year old Chicago producer, Noah Sims, begins to tell his story with the release of his compelling debut project, Testament, premiered via DJ Booth. “1741” is the introduction and only instrumental on Testament, it is a deeply meaningful track to Sims who made it by sampling a recording produced by his late grandfather, Geoffrey Fushi. “1741” centers around the violin playing of Noah’s friend, the two-time Grammy Award nominee, violin virtuoso Philippe Quint, who performed on one of the most prized violins in history for the recording – the “Vieuxtemps” Guarneri del Gesu, made in Italy in 1741.

From the classically inspired beginning, Sims moves forward a few hundred years to Chicago and hip hop enlisting several of the city’s top and rising rappers. The lead single, “Godbody,” appropriately features an intense Roosevelt The Titan who is one of the first rappers Sims ever collaborated with. The next single takes us to “Hawaii” and was premiered by Fake Shore Drive. It is innovative and a standout song on the project, it’s Noah’s first collaboration with Beach Jesus – both with co-production by Jaro & Seer and excellent lyrics and vocals from Chando and Jommis. Carl and Supa Bwe of Hurt Everybody also contribute stirring, dynamic verses, “Hawaii” is a triumph in collaboration. MC Tree handles the third single, “She Gets The Best Of Us,” with masterful rap and finesse over Noah’s club ready beat, it premiered via Pigeons and Planes . Roosevelt The Titan, Reckless C and Ethos feature on the powerful and spiritual “King,” which seems to span time. We hear Moon & Ju on the smoky “My Way Home,” the two are currently pursuing solo endeavors and it’s good to listen to them together here, orgenA collaborated with Noah on the instrumental. Beautiful singer Kaina appears with sultry vocals for the airy “Again,” her performance and lyrics are rich. It is rare to hear Logan over production that isn’t by Flight, on “Nothin’ New (I Expected This),” Logan goes in, he is gritty and raw and it’s one of my favorite tracks by him. The project closes with the fresh, ethereal “Calm The Fuck Down,” where Roosevelt is joined by LA based musician orgenA – Rose absolutely kills the first verse, then orgenA comes in and takes it to a sunny and different place. Testament was recorded at Classick Studios and at Hurt Everybody studios. Chris Classick mastered it and handled most of the mixes. The front cover is by painter Aaron Kraten and the back cover is by musician/artist Abel Gray.

Noah Sims displays a broad range of styles from cloud rap to classical while passionately telling the first chapter of his story on Testament. I look forward to hearing more. Noah is performing alongside Banks The Genius, Roosevelt The Titan, SoloSam, Anak1n and Pat App on Dec. 2 at an event titled, 20 Below, the first show presented by Columbia Music Collective at Conway Center at 7:00 PM.

Testament back3

Tree – D DAY (Prod. by Roil)

“And I made off
Like I’m Madoff
To the playoffs
I didn’t layoff”

SoulTrap originator Tree keeps giving, he dropped a quintessential Tree track for Thanksgiving, “D Day,” and his rhythm is as impeccable as always. The triumphant sounding track is produced by Roil and credit to Andrew Zeiter for the cover photography. Listen to “D Day” and be grateful for Tree’s artistry.

Trapo – The Black Beverly Hills EP

Madison, Wisconsin rap prodigy, Trapo released his debut project, The Black Beverly Hills EP via Pigeons and Planes and described the EP as “a short project about Black prosperity.” TBBH is an excellent debut all the way through, 17 year old Trapo is a rare talent with a unique & rich voice that communicates feeling, intensity and truth, all these qualities are clearly evident on “Tree.” His beat selections are original and give insight on the man’s musical range, as he moves seamlessly between singing and rapping throughout the project. The outstanding “Cards And Conversation” and “Modelo” were released previously as singles, “A Raisin in the Sun,” features Allan Kingdom and is one of my favorite tracks on the project. The funky “Outro” definitely left me wanting to hear more from Trapo. I was honored to conduct his first interview, read that while you listen to The Black Beverly Hills. Follow Trapo now, if this artist continues working at this pace, the sky is the limit.

“If I’m a raisin in the sun
Let’s pray that I do not dry out
I feel like I’m the one
Let’s pray I do not find out.”

I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. – When All Else Fails

I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. has been working hard on his album, When All Else Fails, and it delivers. The Chicago producer chose some of the city’s top rappers including MC Tree, Saba, Logan, The Boy Illinois & Murph Watkins and brings deserved light to several hot rising talents such as Femdot, Maven and many more. A few stand out tracks for me on first listen are “NicE,” featuring Femdot and Plainro, both Tree features, “Kinfolk” and “Couple Nights,” and “Security Blanket” by Logan and Femdot. His compilation album showcases his skill and diversity as a beat maker. Read more about the making of this project in his insightful Q & A with ChiCity Hip Hop. I.B.’s production is soulful, smooth and draws excellent & fresh work from the rappers involved. He’s already won with When All Else Fails.

Noah Sims Feat. Tree – She Gets The Best Of Us

“She gets the best of us when she walkin’
She get the best of when she smiles
She get the best of us when she talkin’
She get the best of us every time”

Chicago producer Noah Sims’ Testament continues to deliver, today with a single that features one of my favorite rappers in Chicago, MC Tree. “She Gets The Best of Us” premiered on Pigeons and Planes. Noah told me that the beat is one of the most playful and bright that he’s ever made and that SoulTrap originator, Tree, effortlessly took it to another level. In the song Tree masterfully contrasts two women; one that fronts independence while driving her mama’s Benz and wearing borrowed clothes, the other woman is real, has her own mind and holds it all down genuinely. “She Gets The Best Of Us” was mixed and mastered by Chris Classick at Classick Studios. The cover art is by Kater Jayne Photography. Noah got a Tree placement once before, they collabed on “Bang Bang”, which came out last summer. This is the third single from Testament, and follows up last week’s wildly inventive and well received “Hawaii,” featuring Beach Jesus and Hurt Everybody. Enjoy “She Gets The Best Of Us.”

Netherfriends – Love Everybody

Netherfriends shares a beautiful message in the visual, “Love Everybody.” It’s a track from his most recent album Ladyfriends (a stoner love album.) The pretty visual by Chase The Moose Productions shows Netherfriends riding a bike, at times going backwards, through scenic and colorful streets. He’s singing about things that are important to him – music, pretty girls, love and tree. Check it out, it brightened my day.

Tree – Pac Dilla (Prod. by iLLeeT)

Tree and Grindhouse producer iLLeeT dropped one from the vaults with the single “Pac Dilla.” Tree has been compared to many artists throughout his impressive career but said that the comparisons he cherishes the most are to Pac and Dilla. I must say that after seeing the cover art by Esco, I couldn’t wait to hear “Pac Dilla” and it delivers. Tree raps about the game, life he’s lived in the city and elsewhere and says it all with an ease that makes it seem as though he could go on for days. iLLeeT is a producer on the rise, recent placements include tracks for Vic Spencer, Leather Corduroys, Via Rosa and Mishka Records’ W3NDCH3LL series. Sit back and listen to Tree channel Pac & Dilla.

Chris Crack – Public Domain 4

Chris Crack released Public Domain 4 last week with a Complex premiere of his Ugly Versace video. It’s my favorite solo project from the NewDealCrew rapper. He’s got endless bars, a lot of style and an excellent sense of humor. This is a big album and the production is dope throughout the 13 track endeavor, beats were created mostly by Chris and Tmthy Trtl. Crack is always working and continuously releases hot music, some of his best work is in collaboration with Chicago rap star MC Tree who features here on “I Just Want My Bread Bitch” & “Again.” Vic Spencer is featured on PD4 as well. Listen to Public Domain 4 and rock with Chris on his birthday, July 31st, where he’ll be performing in the Chicago After Parties series at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Tree – Kinfolk (Prod. by I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C.)

Tree is feeling blessed in his latest TreeStyle called “Kinfolk” and in the song’s description Tree said Chris “Crack asked for new Tree, so I did it for my bruh,” and in the hook he sings “we kinfolk man.” The soulful and chill production is provided by I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. and Tree sounds excellent. It’s getting old to repeat that the SoulTrap originator is one of the most prolific hip hop artists in Chicago, but it’s true. Just this week he delivered the long awaited project VicTree, a 7 song EP with Vic Spencer, and a FSD song of the week Primetime with Fatboi Fresh. Tree does not stop and his music is appreciated.

“This is a freestyle
Don’t take it personal
That’s tomorrow”

Tree – Well (Prod. by Playa Haze)

The fact is I was lookin’ backwards
I thought that this rap shit would take care of back taxes
But the axis of life in my actions
Told me that I don’t really want it like I’m actin’

“Well,” my God. Tree takes us to church on his newest #TREEstyle with “Well.” The hypnotic beat is by Playa Haze. This is as real as it gets. It’s been an excellent week for Tree fans with the release of TREEstrumentals and a show tonight at Reggies.