LUNICE – Mazerati

The Canadian Crown Prince of Trap returns to his throne with “Mazerati”. Arguably LuckyMe’s first breakout star, Lunice’s return to the scene represents a new chapter for both the label and the trap sound. Speaking about the release, LuckyMe wrote,

Listen to the track below.

Getter – 2 High (Ft. $uicideBoy$)

Producer/DJ Getter teams up with Suicide Christ and Suicide Leopard of the $uicideBoy$ on the track “2 High”. Getter’s very druggy beat matches the sound and flow of the $uicideBoy$ perfectly. But, this isn’t the first collaboration between Getter and the $uicideBoy$, their collaborative EP Radical $uicide was released in mid July. Check out their EP on Apple Music and listen to “2 High” above.

RL Grime – Halloween Mix 2015

Right on time.

RL Grime’s annual Halloween mix always delivers a solid array of original, hard-hitting edits and mainstream club hits. This year’s is no different, remixing Future, Kanye, Section Boyz and more, with some hardstyle blending into a euphoric, progressive edit of Weeknd’s “The Hills” towards the end.

Plus, Hannibal Buress shouts a strong declaration at the top; “I’m trying to be Chicago’s Avicii!”

Alexander Lewis & Dabow – Psychosis

I’m not going to necessarily tap into Webster’s Dictionary to force feed you the literal meaning of “psychosis”, but this latest drop from Alexander Lewis Dabow might be the perfect sonic description. Up & down synths matched up with some wild 808s and bass can literally do nothing but cause you to have a good time – and this song is 3:05 of fun.

Stream Alexander LewisDabow‘s latest single Psychosis above, courtesy of Elysian Records.

Tuslo – Tao (feat. Santi)

The trap duo Tuslo is back at the bangers again with their latest impact. Tao, featuring Santiis an eclectic mix of influences all resulting into an incredible drop that’ll be sure to wake up the neighbors. Tuslo seems to be on fire following their remix of Danny Brown’s Blunt After Blunt, and Tao doesn’t seem to show that they plan on slowing down.

Stream Tuslo‘s Tao featuring Santi above.

Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt (Tuslo Remix)

On the seventh day we’re told that God rested, but after much personal debate I’m convinced that on the seventh day the Lord actually invented Trap music. Relative newcomers to the scene, trap producers Tuslo released their own spin on the wildly eccentric Blunt After Blunt by Danny Brown. I’ve had this remix going on loop for about an hour now, and I’m sure that my landlord is already in the process of finding a way to kick me out of my complex for a noise ordinance. Stream the aforementioned track above and stay tuned for more from the new kids on the block.

Dan Blair – saúde

The newest single from Chicago DJ/Producer Dan Blair is fascinatingly comforting; taking a recognizable break-beat structure and slicing aspects of hip-hop production into more glitchy, experimental terrain while incorporating hints of world music influence. A few tags on Soundcloud help to identify the direction the artist is taking, including “#Brazil,” “#Colors,” and “#Cheers.” It’s a celebratory feeling half way through the song, when the claves echo high above the bass line. This is a great four minute track that arrives right at the end of summer, usually a reflective period, and a time to slow down and cheers to good health and good memories.

Bryson Tiller – Set You Free (Gravez Remix)

The fam, Gravez dropped, yet again, another STUPID crazy amazing remix. This time, with one of my recent favorite artists, Louisville’s own – Bryson Tiller. Tiller has his own sound of a trap soul taste – mixing R&B, hip-hop, and rap together. The ATL producer added his own sounds to this song by adding his own futuristic, trap style, unique sound to it which helps compliment this song perfectly.

Look out for Gravez upcoming EP, New Blood that’s looking to drop sometime later this year.

OH! And you already know that there’s nothing better than a free song download, so if you’re digging this, cop it for free.99 and share it with your homies 🙂