Knox Fortune – Lil Thing

Having guested on tracks with Chicago’s Chance the Rapper and Towkio, Knox Fortune does his own “Lil Thing” in this leisurely video. It’s got an intimate feel thanks to being shot on a Super 16 camera, in Knox Fortune’s former abode no less, and the song itself feels appropriately lived-in. “Lil Thing” is the perfect complement to a sun-faded summer day—listen in for yourself.

Towkio – PLAYIN FAIR feat. Joey Purp [Prod. Smoko Ono]

It’s been a Savemoney 2016 thus far and it’s far from over. Yesterday, Towkio delivered a one off with Savemoney affiliates Joey Purp and Smoko Ono entitled “PLAYIN FAIR” that’s as high powered as it is heavy hitting. Make sure you’ve got Twokio on your watch list for the remainder of the year. Word from the top of the Savemoney Army hints he’s been working with some heavy hitters.

Frank Leone – Elephant (Short Film dir. by Peter Campbell)

Frank Leone is an emcee of the rare school of thought that your art should be fully developed before you really start pushing yourself. I say rare because it doesn’t seem to be utilized much, but it should be, in my opinion, industry standard to single in on everything before putting out anything. For the better part of the last three years, he has been meticulously plotting every song, beat, visual, etc. to make sure everything was completely sound before releasing it to the world. Back in March, he gave us his debut album, Enter Wild, which featured some of Chicago’s favorites (Vic Mensa & Monster Mike just to name a few). The project was received with promising reviews and high praise, and caught the eyes and ears of many of the notable tastemakers you want your product to intrigue (Amir Abbassy, Lauren Nostro, and many more). Today, Frank unleashes the horrific music video/short-film for the cut Elephant. The video features Frank and Co. wandering through the woods of his hometown Monticello, IL where some kind of monstrous figure comes from out of the woods to lead him to “the power of the youth” (L. Nostro, Complex). Once he obtains said power, the video ends with Frank annihilating some giant asshole cloaked in black. The video was done entirely by Peter Campbell who many of our readers are probably familiar with by now through his work with Donnie Trumpet, Towkio, KAMI, and Joey Purp to name a few or through his recent short film WORSEBEHAVIOR

WORSEBEHAVIOUR (dir. Peter Campbell)

It’s always pleasing to see a plethora of artist development in Chicago, but sometimes what is forgotten are the people who provide musical artists with a visual platform for their art. A good videographer is essentially priceless, as we’ve seen from the success of Chicago directors like Austin Vesely and Elijah Alvarado lately, but many of these directors have aspirations higher than the music videos they do so well.

Today, another of Chicago’s underground heavyweights, Peter Campbell, presents to us his first ever short film entitled WORSEBEHAVIOUR. The short, which lasts about 9 minutes, is a wild ride of a kidnapping with a bit of humor peppered in there. If you’re a fan of Chicago music, you’ll notice some notable cameos Peter has thrown in there, including a Towkio interview and a soundtrack scored by Frank Leone. Stream above. Cheers.

The Monthly Playlist: April

For the past few months, I have added, or tried to add, at least one single that has released each day to a playlist for the whole month. The result of this experiment, adding one track from each day to a playlist, has been interesting to say the least. Each month I have turned out an extremely random, yet surprisingly satisfying playlist. The playlists have been so satisfying in fact, I have decided to share them with our readers. For the month of April, I have accrued 31 tracks ranging from artists like RJD2 to Your Old Droog.  Outside of a few electronic songs, this month’s playlist is pretty strictly hip hop. There is not much of a theme to any of these, save for the fact that each of these songs, to my knowledge, released in the same month. So without further adieu, I bring you this month’s playlist below…

Towkio – .Wav Theory [Review]

Preston San, Tokyo Shawn, and now Towkio has gone through a lot to get to the release of his highly anticipated project, .Wav Theory. The first time I heard of Towkio, it was on his wacky remix of Soulja Boy’s “Xan With That Lean” that has become somewhat of an underground anthem in Chicago since its release. Since then, he’s released a project with Chicago production duo A Billion Young a little over a year ago with a few memorable songs (as well as the collaborative project with Mojek that “Xan With That Lean Pt. II” was on entitled Community Service).However, everything up until now has seemed like mere experiments to get to where he is now.

.Wav Theory is Towkio’s first full length release and feels like his masterpiece. Through the previous persona’s and projects, it is clear Towkio has been slowly but surely putting together the pieces to create his sound. It makes sense now that we’ve been waiting on .Wav Theory for what feels like 3-4 years. Ultimately, this Savemoney coming out party is rooted in actual good music. .Wav Theory is a carefully orchestrated first release that shows Towkio can do a little bit of everything. Highly electronic with tastes of the Social Experiment type of soulful funkiness, Towkio has created a truly happy project filled with different types of songs that create and are about joy (and some that are purely boastful). It’s wavy, too (some pun intended). Towkio’s voice is so refined (thanks to amazing mixing and mastering) that it sells the image of him talking a girl up in these lyrics phenomenally.

The party element of the album is really its focus. I’ve always recognized Towkio as a party kingpin in Chicago, being if the party is lit, Towkio is in attendance. The kid seems to be everywhere, which is why I think his musical career is finally ready to lift off. For years, Towkio has been in and around the scene, right next to his fellow Savemoney brothers Chance, Vic, and even Leather Corduroys as they climbed the latter of rap clout. Now, its Towkio’s turn to capture his fair-share of the rap scene in Chicago. Even with the pending release of Surf as well as new Vic Mensa, .Wav Theory is something I will continue to play, may it be in my headphones or at the next house party I have.

With Vic Mensa signing to Roc Nation and Chance still growing by the minute, it’s evident with .Wav Theory that the Savemony takeover is still in full force. Great production and clever chorus’ hold this project together while we get to watch Towkio bounce from one idea to the next. Not every single song lands like “Free Your Mind” or “Heaven Only Knows”, but every track has a cohesive direction it’s trying to go in.  I’ve always been interested to see where Towkio was headed and this only feels like a first chapter in a long story.

Towkio – Heaven Only Knows (Feat. Chance The Rapper, Lido & Eryn Allen Kane)

Holy shit, I’m so excited this track is finally out to the public! Savemoney’s Towkio (formerly Tokyo Shaun and Preston San) brought out Lido and Chano at his set for the Biz 3 showcase at SXSW to perform this unheard number and ever since I’ve been dying to hear it again. Norwegian producer Lido absolutely murdered this beat and I really love the John Legend influence in the songs chorus (see “Heaven Only Knows” and shouts out Eryn Allen Kane). An added Chance verse only makes this song bigger than it would’ve already been. This song is a great track to make you forget its 45 and raining out in Chicago today.