Heavee – Luv U Edit

Teklife’s Heavee treads experimental waters on his latest edit “Luv U”.  The track features vocal chops from A. Grande, Lil Uzi Vert, and Destiny’s Child set over a sparse drum pattern that feels like it’s taking you on a pilgrimage to the club.

DJ Earl – Grind (feat. Wiki)

Yesterday, Teklife’s DJ Earl released his festive, four song Reggie Sackz EP. The EP, which premiered on Vice’s electronic music specific channel THUMP, features three more traditional footwork tracks as well as this gem featuring Ratking’s Wiki. It’s not often you hear people spit full verses over footwork tracks, but Wiki tackles the challenge with ease. “Grind” has an inherently New York-like vibe and almost sounds like a spiced up, Ratking track. Could this be the start of a trend of underground rappers flowing over footwork? I sure as hell hope so.

You can peep the rest of DJ Earl’s Reggie Sackz EP below.

DJ Paypal – No One Else

DJ Paypal has been on a roll this year releasing footwork hit after footwork hit and he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. On Teklife’s ascent to dance royalty, DJ Paypal is a note-worthy addition that I believe will push footwork from underground to major international stages. Teklife has already shown promise as underground dance legends with ties across the world and as the team grows so will their influence.

DJ Paypal – No One Else

[Teklife] DJ Spinn/Nick Hook/Scatta – Old English (Footwork Flip)

As I’ve said time and time again, Teklife is the most important thing coming out of Chicago right now. They’re an innovative crew comprised of talented Djs and producers that have developed their own sound and is recognized instantly when played. They’re truly authentic. It’s easy to make really fast music sound abrasive and obnoxious and with tempos that don’t usually fall below 160, it’s remarkable how this team makes songs that groove this hard. ‘Old English’ came out in June of this year with high regard obviously since it has 3 of the heaviest hitters in 2015 on it. The song stuck around for maybe like a month and then got drowned out by all the other “hot” releases of the summer and that seemingly was that. The song was good, not amazing, but it was cool to put on at parties and hearing Young Thug and Freddie Gibbs together is theoretically a dream collaboration. Teklife however, made this song incredible. With the traditional footwork groove coming in at about 30 seconds, hearing Thug and Gibbs rap over footwork is beautiful and hopefully this sound can come together as more than remixes someday.

DJ Spinn – Old English


DJ Earl – Dark Summer ++ Inevitable Shift

If you’re having an especially dark summer and need a mix to chill out on between belting out Lana lyrics from a fifth of gin and posting statuses solely for the dopamine effect of the notifications, here’s something a little different from Teklife’s DJ Earl.

Accompanying the mix, Earl writes:

“20 Min Raw Mix I did of some diffrent vibes than usual. Really what drove this mix was lots of requests 4 my ambient vibes.

roll one smoke one.

Meditate to this.

Teklife or no life RIP DJ Rashad.”


DJ Earl

Dj Spinn – All Day VIP

It’s no easy task remixing Yeezy, but Teklife’s DJ Spinn nails it with this one. With a forthcoming EP set for release in September via Hyperdub, Spinn is keeping the world glued to Chicago.

Would it be exhausting to footwork All Day? Does it require intense training and cardiovascular exercise? Watch the video below to find out, directed by Leondotcom from MudWingMedia.


1. Taye – Preyers
2. Taye – 30 Racks (Footmerc Wots That Sound RMX)
3. Heavee – Real Fantasy
4. Earl x Heavee x Taye – Rubberbandz
5. Taye – Turn Up 64
6. Taye x Earl – Whatcha Smokin’
7. Taye x Heavee – Lifetrippin’
8. Rashad x Spinn x Manny – We Ridin Hi
9. Earl – Ridin HI
10. Taye – Rolldatshitup
11. Machinedrum – Clissold VIP
12. Taye vs Clyde Moop – Cherokee
13. Earl x Taye – Gum RMX
14. Taye – 3259
15. Taye – Count It Up
16. Taye x Earl – Killin’ My Vibe
17. Taye x Earl – Yo Monkey Azz
18. Earl – Alive n’ Well
19. Taye – Fuck Em’
20. Taye – Drop
21. Taye – She Rollin’
22. Taye x Earl – Hit That Weed
23. Taye – SuperHIGH
24. Taye – The Sounds
25. Taye – Get Em Up
26. Addison Groove x Rashad – Freebass
27. Earl x Sonic D – Came 2 Party
28. Taye – Shake Machine
29. Taye – From The Back (DJ Nasty Moa Butta Blues RMX)
30. Taye – Do This Shit All Night
31. Taye – Tayebass
32. Taye x Heavee – Lightspeed
33. Taye x Boylan – She Be Suckin’
34. Taye – How It Feels
35. Earl x Rashad x Taye – Bumbaklott
36. Earl x Taye – The OZone
37. Taye – Lookin For A Yellowbone
38. Taye – Freakin’ That
39. Earl – Wurkz
40. Earl – Yo Workz Dry
41. Earl x Heavee – Work Dat Body
42. Taye x Heavee – I See You Workin’
43. Manny – Burn That
44. Manny – Feel My Bass
45. Earl – ShowEmDaBass
46. Taye – Meteor Herd
47. Earl x Elliot Mess – Shake Ya BODY
48. Taye – Come On
49. Manny x Spinn – Come On Girl
50. ABSTRSE – Go
51. Taye – They Know Wassup