Sirr Tmo – Listening Experience ft. DJ Earl [Them Flavors]

Picture cutscenes of Tmo and Earl footworking in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, swerving a rusted out and seemingly abandoned Lamborghini -flying a Tek Life flag high while on their way to get weed, tracking out on cinematic and steampunk 808s and other various pieces of refurbished machinery. Maybe envision Tmo with a field recorder held up to the laser Earl is using to fend off mutants. You don’t have to picture any of that but that is what I imagined upon hearing this song.

Heavee – The Message

Chicago’s Heavee (formerly Heavee Dee), best known for his joint track with the late great DJ Rashad on FLYLO FM (GTA V), has recently released this stellar juke and footwork tape featuring heavy collaboration from fellow Tek Lifer, Deejay Earl.