Qari – Love is Going to Find u (Prod. By friends)

Qari has been releasing his most intimate and most influential songs as of late. And this song is definitely something that I needed right now. Love is Going to Find u produced by friends. This just proves that Qari can adapt and do anything. He performed this and many of his other hits on his soundcloud at his performance at SOHO house this past Monday night. Listen to this song and know Love is Going to Find u. Thanks Qari.


Qari – Space Jam (prod. Mulatto)

After flooding the internet last night, Qari and Mulatto finally dropped the awaited, Space Jam. It’s HERE, and its beautiful! For real, Mulatto and Qari are a producer/artist match made for the future. So genuine.

Space Jam just fucking flowwssss. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear something with originality.

This entire project was very well crafted. From the visuals to the sounds, the entire package displays a well thought out vision that was successfully brought into fruition.

Qari, Mulatto, the entire team, should be proud of Space Jam. If you haven’t listened, do it now!


Qari [Prd. Mulatto Beats] – Basic

Mulatto has been busy at work and released two new tracks just last week. Basic is a dark, eery beat that reminds me of creepy toys in an old, dusty attic that you can’t imagine ever brought joy to children. Qari provides words with a flow that is similarly dissonant. The song is featured on 119 Productions’, Countdown to Midnight.

Odd Couple – Palm Trees feat Qari, Kweku Collins & Jack Red

Another great one off Odd Couple’s, Liberation. Palm Trees showcases two of Chicago’s younger talents, Qari + Kweku Collins with a hook sung by Jack Red. One of the greatest parts of Chicago’s ever growing hip-hop scene is the ability to watch artists evolve into their own distinct sounds and styles, which these two definitely have. Jack Red’s voice is full and smooth and brings a mellow feel to the west coast influenced hook.

Despite depicting palm trees and sunshine, this song reminds me of gloriously gloomy days such as today.

Qari – Szabo (Fortress) (Prod. by Mulatto Beats x Samii Beatz)

Anthemic, solemn and hypnotic – with his latest release, “Szabo (Fortress),” Qari takes his listeners on a dynamic and fulfilling ride, blending moods throughout the 3:40 and making it seem effortless. The first section draws you in with its intensity while seeming almost nonchalant, and ending with the words “I know you really need it” before easing into the second section’s smoky and vibrant guitar driven trance; Credit to Mulatto and SamiBeats on a superb bed of music. With this being the fifth release in the past month, Qari and friends really seem to be heating up. Keep a close eye on the young one, exciting times are ahead.

Qari – My House (He’s Heating Up)

A few months ago, I wrote a little article for Chicago based blog These Days about an indie rock group called Homeshake. I originally found their music through my younger brother, but later bonded with Qari (of Hurt Everybody fame) over our shared love for the group. He told me he would be releasing a Homeshake flip soon, and yesterday he delivered on his promise.

“My House (He’s Heating Up)” is Qari’s take on the bubblegum rock record “He’s Heating Up” by Homeshake, where he displays his displeasure with people who’s company he doesn’t being at his house. Qari’s impressive rhyming abilities are again displayed throughout the tracks two minutes in his cool and calm relaxed delivery style. If you’ve been paying any attention to Qari’s solo music since the Hurt Everybody split, you’ve probably begun to notice Qari’s tendency to resort to less is more, unlike the usually very live vocals on Hurt Everybody records.

Peep “My House (He’s Heating Up) above and make sure to follow Qari on Soundcloud. There will be tons more awesome music to come from this young artist.

CHURCHDONTSTOP Feat. Qari – No Sleep (Prod. by Mulatto x Shepard Hues)

“Less is more
More or less
Moral of the story
I got more in store for you”

CHURCHDONTSTOP and Qari put in work on their new banger, “No Sleep,” produced by Mulatto and Shepard Hues. They all go crazy and Qari’s flow & lyrics here are some of my favorite by the young wordsmith. Also check out for his recent video starring his daughter, “Caterpillar, Butterfly.” Seriously – don’t sleep on this track.

Hurt Everybody – EAT

Supa loves his hypnotic hooks, coupled with a Drill-esque flow and the auto tuned backing vocals you know that “EAT” is a banger meant to rattle some trunks. Qari comes in after the breakdown with his subtle slick wordplay; first easing his way into the verse with some auto tune then enthusiastically claiming “Everybody Eats!”. This track is another Hurt Everybody banger & the First single off “The Dead Occasion” which drops October 4th.