Sam O.B. – Revolve

I felt that a series of GIFs would best describe my feelings about Sam O.B.’s “Revolve”. Specifically this GIF, this one, and this one (which is a video, but whatever). The track serves as O.B.’s newest single from his upcoming August 11th LuckyMe album release, Positive Noise.

As you may be able to tell, I’m a pretty big Sam O.B. fan. 

Catch Sam O.B. and Teen Daze in Chicago on June 23th—purchase tickets here.

Suicideyear – Lagniappe (Spring Hate)

LuckyMe’s newest signee Suicideyear has been a longtime collaborator with the label, having remixed Jacques Greene’s “After Life After Party” and scoring a spot on the prestigious LuckyMe Advent Calendar last year. Before his first LuckyMe-released EP Hate Songs debuts July 28th, listen to “Lagniappe (Spring Hate)”. For new fans, it serves as a brief foray into Suicideyear’s signature of melancholic, faraway melodies and gentle compositions. The song’s title is intriguingly conflicting – a lagniappe is “something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure,” and this song does in fact feel like a sweet little gift. It leaves me curious about the significance of “Spring Hate,” however. I suppose I’ll have to wait until July 28th to decode the meaning further.

DJ Yolo Bear – That Good Good

If you’re at all privy to the stylings of the LuckyMe camp, then you’ve no doubt seen mention of something called “DJ Yolo Bear – allegedly, a bucket hat wearing bear who spins Jersey club music. While we’re pretty tired of the whole mysterious masked DJ thing and “YOLO” is right up there with “swag” on the list of the rap internet’s most played out phrases, we’re willing to buy into the hysteria on this one because Yolo Bear EP goes in.

LuckyMe Records-LUCKYME x RINSE 22

Guest mixing on the latest edition of LuckyMe’s Rinse FM radio broadcast is Scottish producer & visual artist Inkke alongside fellow Glaswegian, a clubby house DJ based in Tokyo who’s mixed for multiple labels including Mad Decent, Mishka, and Discobelle. No tracklist available, but it generally sounds like grimy, hip-hoppy house. Also, Cashmere Cat and Evian Christ ~invade~ towards the end and lay on a heavy layer of Drizzy jams, which I think was completely necessary. :grimacing: :sweat_drops: :radio:


The fourth and final installment of the LuckyMe selector’s “In New DJs We Trust” tenure. For those of you who missed out, Fifi spent a better part of the summer providing excellent mixes of  hip-hop and electronic which included genre up-and-comers, lost legends and exclusive sneak peaks at what her labelmates have been up to. Browse Soundcloud to find the rest of her BBC Radio 1 shows, as well highlights from the LuckyMe program on Rinse FM.