1833 Premiere: Lenner Slett – This Song

“Have you seen how some songs are wrong(?)
We write stories, except for people writing unconceded”

Lenner Slett is a young Norwegian singer/songwriter who makes Indie Pop music that is both thoughtful and catchy. Largely inspired by Frank Ocean and American music he has known the english language since he was a young boy, showcasing it in his impressive stanzas that are full of lyrical depth and abstract concepts. Even more impressively not only did Mr. Slett write and sing on this track, he produced it all himself as well. This is something of his formal debut though he has released a few other demos on his soundcloud that are what initially caught our attention. Listen above to a young talent who is going to steal the worlds hearts.

Dylan Brady x Poter Elvinger – Read at 2:35 AM

I’ve made it clear a few times that Dylan Brady can’t miss, haven’t I? Well, Read At 2:35 AM isn’t about to be his first brick. Dylan teamed up with Poter Elvinger to release the collaborative record via music video and Mp3. The music video doesn’t have too much, but what it does a GREAT job of doing is showing just how much you can get done this day in age with the internet. I’m assuming (uh-oh) that Poter and Dylan didn’t get to work on this face to face, and the video plays off of that assumption perfectly – as Dylan sings his auto-tune-setto into a video conference while the camera is focused on a computer. Poter’s production and Dylan’s voice equal dynamite, and it’s especially great to hear that these two are working on a full collaborative effort together.

Watch the video for Dylan Brady and Poter Elvinger‘s joint effort Read at 2:35 AM above.

Hospitality – Rockets and Jets

Brooklyn indie pop trio Hospitality enjoyed a great deal of acclaim and accumulated a decent amount of buzz with their 2012 self-titled debut. Here we are in 2014 and the act is now servicing the illustrious London-based indie label Fire Records. Their second offering off of their sophomore album Trouble is another departure from the sounds of their debut, this time with more drowned out, reverb-heavy vocals and a nice piano bridge at the track’s climax. Trouble is looking to sound like a more “Brooklyn”-sounding album and it’s due out January 27.