Inside: Dior Sentai & Friends – THREE SIX YOTSUBA&!

This thing is almost too star studded :star2:  :dizzy: but I think I tagged everyone!

Here is a short interview with Miles Farewell:

When did you start doing Dior Sentai compilations?
Back in fall of 2012. This was the year Dior Sentai became what it is now. In the past it was hip hop duo consisting of me and dankte (we both went under different aliases at the time). We did played a few shows before we realized that Dior Sentai could be something bigger than a music project, so we assembled a team of our favorite artists from both our area and the internet and put together a debut compilation, Sentai Knights. Three Six Yotsuba&! is our 3rd compilation so far, we’ve come a long way since then.

Can you include a word, phrase, or picture about each member of the crew?

Cat Hair 
Chri$ Big Money
“i feel like pussy cocaine”
Deli Mane

Michael Suess
“a game of chess is like a swordfight: you must think fast before you move”
Miles Farewell
Paco Escobar
“got damn anime got my life fucked up”

Stan The Beatsmith
“You did quite well, but you need more training to defeat me!”
Yung Yadi

What else is in store for Dior Sentai this year?
Two new Dior Sentai project already in the works.
as well as:
Paco Escobar debut tape
Michael Seuss debut album
New Stan the Beatsmith beat tape in the works
Candy Coins (Dankte + Miles Farewell) debut thing
+ much more. It feels good to be making moves again.

Gorgeous Children- ICE

After a few previews and a whole year since the duo’s debut release, GC’s long-awaited new tape is finally here. The work that went into this project is evident judging by how hard-hitting each track is. Gila Monsta is a true heavyweight when it comes to producing, and Face Vega’s flow is like a sock to the jaw. The bass booms, but the snares and samples pull together each composition into a dark and murky soundscape. The tape is out now on Jacques Greene’s VASE label is available for download here. :skull: :new_moon: :snowflake:

Gorgeous Children – Sour

GC are back at it with a new project titled “ICE,” which is dropping soon (thank goodness), but the rapper/producer duo decided to grace us with a gorgeous (yes, it’s actually gorgeous) sample of the mixtape to better our first of the month. Judging by the amount of slappage “Sour” provides, we can only imagine how the forthcoming tape sounds as a whole. :guardsman: :syringe: :wine_glass: