v1984 and Zora Jones – The Zone

Another day, another release off Visceral Minds 2. Today’s offering is a galactic footwork heater from v1984 and Zora Jones that’s as hype as it is heady. Check out the visuals over at Fractal Fantasy to get into “The Zone” and keep a watch for the next installment of Visceral Minds 2—the full compilation will be available August 15th, the day the last song is revealed.

Be sure to grab tickets for Zora Jones and Sinjin Hawke’s Chicago stop at East Room on September 23rd.

DJ Earl x DJ Taye – Kant You See

A :shoe:  footwork track for the fall :maple_leaf:  :fallen_leaf:  The erratic drum patterns make you feel as if you are winding through an overgrown maze. It’s difficult to find your way  and the falling leaves cover your nike shoe prints as you try franticly to back track to your point of entrance. Kant you see it’s too late?