EP: Lucki, “Freewave II”

Picture this: it’s 2013, and the young Chicago rap scene is divided heavily into different styles: the grim, violent sounds of drill led by Chief Keef and his GBE crew, and the bouncy, psychadelic pop rap popularized by Chance The Rapper and the Savemoney collective. And then there was Lucki, somewhere in between the two, at that time still going by the longer pseudonym Lucki Eck$. Yet three years later, most of the rappers on this current wave of Soundcloud popularity employ the same lazy-but-infectious flow that Lucki perfected years before on tapes like Body High and my personal favorite, X. His newest mixtape / EP, Freewave II, is a collection of freestyles that follows up his very enjoyable 2015 tape of the same name. If you’re into rappers that have found themselves on the No Jumper podcast, you will most likely find yourself liking Lucki quite a bit. Listen to Freewave II below.

Liss – “First” EP

There’s a few reasons that you should be excited about the future of Danish teenage band Liss. First, their music is fantastic, flowing seamlessly through multiple genres (synth-pop and funk, R&B, art pop) and are capable of the ability to stir emotion from listeners while also keeping everything simple enough to be an earworm. They’re also signed to XL Records, which at this point is basically a major label without all (notice I said ALL) the constraints of an actual major label. But above all, they bring a sense of freshness into the indie pop scene. Liss doesn’t really sound like anyone, and in the current indie scene there’s this really bad sickness going around called Everybody Just Sounds The Fucking Same. Liss has finesse, swag, and can come through with a strong, unique pop song. More than enough reason to believe you’ll be hearing more about these boys later on. Listen to lead single “Sorry” below. the First EP is available on iTunes, Amazon and all major streaming services.


umiboshi – “s/o” EP

Fetty Wap, Sean Paul, Young Thug?? … they’ve got nothing on an umiboshi original remix. This Chicago-based producer has only recently entered the scene, but his debut, 7 song EP is putting him on the map. Clocking in at just under 15 minutes, s/o is definitely worth your time, even if it’s just for the lighthearted feeling you’ll have by its finale.

No song is too big or too overplayed for umiboshi. He tackles popular hits like Trap Queen without fear, mixes together Sean Paul and classical violin samples without a doubt. He sees these songs in a new light, and adds his own buoyant spin to them in his remixes. There’s never a dull moment, and umiboshi maintains his own signature style even in a sea of shout outs. Check out the EP above, and be on the watch for more to come from umiboshi.

Swill the Will – Hiatus EP

Sometimes you wake up, face the life that you’ve made for yourself, and just wish that you could hit pause for a second. We’re lucky if we feel happy and fulfilled with our jobs and with the people in our lives, but if we’re not we search for distractions to fill the void.

It took Chicago hip-hop artist Swill the Will a brief Hiatus from his everyday life to figure out what he’s most passionate about, and that’s clearly his music. The EP that resulted consists of a short but sweet 3 songs that tell the story of a relationship as is grows and eventually decays. It’s a slightly more adult version of your classic boy meets girl story, told in song over a compilation of dreamy beats.

The entire EP was self-produced, so it highlights both Will’s talent as a lyricist and his genre-bending versatility. It features a single guest appearance of powerful vocals by Emily McGill on the final track, and a whimsical but explosive piece of album artwork, made by Darius Airo. Will crafts a carefully articulated mood in “Hiatus,” through his intonation and the temperament of his beats. Be sure to listen to the full EP at link above, and be on the lookout for Swill the Will to take hold of the industry.

Teddy Jackson – Extra Sauce EP

My amazingly, talented friend, Teddy Jackson, and I have been talking about this EP forever now and the day has finally come where he dropped it. I must say, I am so proud, and blown away by the outcome of this project.

His EP, Big Sauce dropped on 5/15/15 with special, unique sounds of hip-hop, and R&B. Blessed by 14 smooth tracks, and features and productions with himself, A Billion Young, Daniel Robbins, and Roy French.

Man, this is only the beginning for Teddy!! As we’ve discussed many times, he’s the next James Fauntleroy. GENIUS. Take a peep of this project and get yourself a free download with it as well.
And if you want to learn about the background meaning behind Extra Sauce, click here

Blake – Three Some EP

Have you ever wanted a three some for your birthday? Well that’s what Blake is requesting for his birthday present on the title track for this five-song EP. This dude is about as funny as he is good at rapping, he definitely has some bars and some funny one-liners as well. So stream this above, and you won’t be disappointed.