Scallops Hotel (Milo) – Poplar Grove (or how to rap with a hammer)

Scallops Hotel is a new side project from Wisconsin/Chicago rapper Milo, and although the 9-track album isn’t a huge departure from his previous releases, these tracks seem even more open, raw, and philosophical. Milo’s spoken-word flow is still as present and introspective as ever, teeming with vulnerability. Many of the tracks consist of somewhat disjointed musings over creaky instrumentals. The more you listen, the easier it is to understand how profound and accessible these ramblings are. Production credits go to ELOS, Busdriver, Iglooghost, Lee Bannon, and Jincallo, while Riley Lake can be held responsible for the mixing. Milo’s honesty and humility shine through in his  lyrics, and with every new album we’re left feeling like we’ve gotten to know the guy a little better. I’m already anticipating what the self-proclaimed “Lou Rawls of the Goofballs” has in store for us next.

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“I tried to make something knowing that everything is pointless and nothing is meaningless. This is how you rap with a hammer.”